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TriStar Health Wants to Know – Are You Young at Heart?

TriStar Health is based in Nashville, TN along with the HCA corporate office. If you don’t know anything about Nashville, it is a tight-knit community and prides itself on southern hospitality, togetherness and of course delicious southern food, but sometimes the southern lifestyle can quickly catch up to us.  Heart disease strikes someone in the U.S. about once every 34 seconds…or about the length of the video you are about to see.

Celebrating Movember at HCA

You’ve probably noticed a trend going on among men during the month of November. Many are leaving their razors in the medicine cabinet and choosing instead to don beards and mustaches. It’s all part of a movement called Movember and it’s all about one thing: Cancer Awareness. Did you know that prostate and testicular cancers are the most common forms of male cancer that impact thousands of men every year? Medical research is so important as we work toward new treatment options and ultimately a cure. Movember is a way for men to show their support and even help raise… Read more.

HCA Heroes: New Mom Sees Her Baby for the First Time Via iPhone – with Heidi King

What would you do if you were unable to see your baby for the first 48 hours after he was born? That was where Heidi King found herself after complications during delivery put both mom and baby in danger. But thanks to the team at TriStar Summit, this story has a happy ending and also illustrates how technology can play a role in the healing process. Get your tissues for this one.

Why I Love My Job: It’s all about Andrew – by TriStar’s Ellen Levitt

It was Christmas day, and while most businesses are closed and families are spending the day celebrating the holiday in their homes, the hospital is open and providing care for those unable to be with their families and friends. Those of us working on Christmas make every attempt to make the day special for our patients, knowing that this is not the ideal place to spend Christmas.

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