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Officer Down! Trident Medical Center’s Trauma Team Saves a Life

Dr. Stancie Rhodes had just completed an operation on a stab victim when she received word that a local sheriff’s deputy had suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was en route to the hospital. It was after midnight when the alert was issued and the team – Dr. Rhodes, the emergency department physician, three trauma nurses, radiology, operating room, blood bank, and respiratory therapy attendants – quickly assembled and waited for the officer to come through the trauma bay doors. This may sound like an episode of a hit medical television drama, but it’s not. It’s real life; and the new… Read more.

Surgical Scrubs Suits Beauty Queen in Patient Support Role

Looks can be deceiving. Sarah Weishuhn has proven that time and again. As Miss South Carolina USA 2015, the beauty queen holds down a challenging job as a patient support technician at HCA’s Trident Medical Center and continues to silence the doubters who think she’s afraid to get her hands dirty. The glitz and glamour of the pageant circuit is nothing compared to the work she does now in the operating room of the Charleston-based hospital. Patient support techs are the unsung heroes of the OR, doing behind-the-scenes work that is rarely recognized but totally relied upon. “The patient doesn’t… Read more.

The Reality of Trauma: Surgeon Stancie Rhodes Sets the Record Straight

Drs. Meredith Grey and Miranda Bailey – both fictional characters on the hit ABC television show Grey’s Anatomy – caused this generation to take notice of female surgeons. While their on-screen accomplishments are long and impressive, let’s remember…it’s make-believe. This is real life. And if you want to be a surgeon, Dr. Stancie Rhodes of HCA’s Trident Medical Center, can fill you in on what it takes. She would know – her specialty is in trauma. Dr. Rhodes, a giant among giants in the world of surgery, but not much taller than 5-feet, has served as one of the trauma… Read more.

Trident Health CEO Reflects on Special Delivery, Staff Committment during South Carolina Flood

In early October, an historic rainfall caused disastrous flooding across South Carolina. According to CNN, there were 17 weather-related deaths and approximately 600 rescues of people and animals reported in the state. However, in the wake of the devastation, there was a bright ray of sunshine. His name is Elijah. Elijah was one of 24 babies born at HCA’s Trident Medical Center during what experts are calling a 1,000-year rainfall, between October 1 and October 5. His mother, Tyshenequia McLean, whose experience was just as unique, went into labor that Sunday morning while trapped by high waters at her home… Read more.

All in the Family at Trident Health

Registered nurse Robin Workman is a natural care giver. But she didn’t always know that she would be a nurse. That big decision came after serving a few years in the Air Force

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