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INFOGRAPHIC – National Burn Awareness Week: Learn About Burns

February 1-7 is National Burn Awareness Week and the perfect time to become educated about first-, second- and third- degree burns. Last year, approximately 485,000 burn injuries were treated medically in the U.S., while nearly 40,000 burn-related hospitalizations occurred in America during that same time period. The Joseph M. Still Burn Center at our Doctors Hospital in Augusta, Ga., the largest inpatient burn center in America, admits more than 3,000 patients every year from across the U.S. and internationally. In recognition of this National Burn Awareness Week, they’ve put together an infographic to point out some of the characteristics of… Read more.

The Leading Cause of Burns Among Children – Doctors Hospital Reveals

Hardly a day goes by that Dr. Fred Mullins and the other medical professionals at Joseph M. Still Burn Center at Doctors Hospital in Augusta, Ga., don’t see a child who has been burned by hot water.

Thanksgiving Dinner Safety Tips from the Joesph M. Still Burn Center at Doctors Hospital

As cooks begin preparations for Thanksgiving meals, there’s one ingredient Dr. Fred Mullins hopes they won’t forget: a three-foot safe zone in the kitchen. “While that will not prevent every burn, it will certainly help keep little ones away from hot surfaces, scalding foods and other dangerous items,” said Dr. Mullins, the president of Joseph M. Still Burn Centers, Inc., and the medical director of the Joseph M. Still Burn Center at Doctors Hospital in Augusta, GA. “Like seasonings, a little bit of preparation and prevention can go a long way. In fact, if a child must be in the… Read more.

Summer Safety Tips from Doctors Hospital and Joseph M. Still Burn Center

With children home for the summer, and a celebration of independence on tap, the risk of getting burned or injured rises like the temperature. At the top of the risk list is summer bonfires, said Dr. Fred Mullins, President of Joseph M. Still Burn Centers, Inc. & Medical Director of the Joseph M. Still Burn Center at Doctors Hospital in Augusta, Ga, the largest Burn Center in the United States.

Cold Weather Brings Burn Risks – Doctors Hospital Reminds Us

With temperatures dipping into the teens, the chances of getting burned start to climb. “Every year, we see patients who were just trying to stay warm, but ended up getting burned,” said Dr. Fred Mullins, president of Joseph M. Still Burn Centers, Inc., and medical director of the Joseph M. Still Burn Center at Doctors Hospital in Augusta, Ga. “With a little extra precaution and preparation, most people could have a safer winter.”

Georgia Doc Teams with Foundation to Help Children in Jamaica

A chance meeting at the Masters Tournament in August, Ga. led to a conversation that changed Dr. Justin Bundy’s life and the lives of dozens of children in Jamaica suffering from spinal deformities.

Burn Facilities Continue To Innovate At Home & Abroad

The groundbreaking practices at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center at Doctors Hospital of Augusta, Ga., and the Grossman Burn Center at West Hills Hospital & Medical Center, West Hills, Calif., are helping both existing and future victims around the world. A team from the Joseph M. Still Burn Center recently took part in Bolivia’s first-ever emergency disaster drill. Doctors and nurses spent a week there, where they worked with employees of a metal plant as well as members of the Bolivian military. They used makeup to simulate burn wounds on 63 people who portrayed victims, and also lent their… Read more.

Doctors Hospital Spine Surgeon Helps Save Lives Of Children In Jamaica

Dr. Justin Bundy, a spine surgeon at Doctors Hospital of Augusta, Augusta, Ga. who has performed spinal surgeries helping local patients for years, is now one of two spine surgeons with the Straight Caribbean Spine Foundation which helps children in Jamaica through free lifesaving scoliosis surgery. “The country has only 20 orthopedic surgeons, none of whom perform spinal surgeries on pediatric patients,” says Dr. Bundy. “On our first of seven days, the amount of people who showed up to the clinic was overwhelming. We had about 80 families bring their children from across the country, hoping that they would be… Read more.

Doctors Hospital Brings Golf to Patients During Masters Week

It’s springtime in Augusta, Ga. and that means it’s time for one of golf’s most famous tournaments – The Masters. Doctors Hospital (located in Augusta) is using The Masters to entertain and help patients recover. They’ve rolled out the putting green and set up Nintendo’s Wii golf game so patients can get up and play if inspired. Here’s an excerpt from their press release: “We know that being in the hospital while others are out on the course watching golf is no fun, that’s why we try to bring the game to our patients,” says Dean Beasley, Director of Inpatient… Read more.

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