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Camera-Ready Care

Hospital ER doubles as set for country artist Chris Stapleton video shoot Film crew and emergency room personnel aren’t often in the same space, but when country music star Chris Stapleton used the TriStar Portland (TN) emergency room as back- drop for a video shoot, the worlds of entertainment and healthcare collided for just a little bit. Stapleton’s song “Fire Away” speaks to mental illness, and the video’s story arc follows a husband and wife’s journey as she harms herself and then is taken to the hospital, where she dies of her injuries. For the hospitalization part of the story, Stapleton… Read more.

HCA Excellence in Nursing Award: Compassionate Care

Compassionate Care Recipient: Alison Marsh, RN, Centerpoint Medical Center, Independence, MO Providing emergency care can be emotionally draining, especially when the patients involved are children. Finding ways to bring mental and emotional healing alongside physical treatments takes a special kind of healthcare professional, and Alison Marsh exemplifies what it means to go above and beyond for her patients. Marsh is described as a compassionate advocate, skilled listener and dedicated caregiver, especially where children are involved. She sees a lot of them in Centerpoint Medical Center’s emergency department, where she has been on staff for five years, but one evening in the summer… Read more.

Care without borders

Nurse transforms wound care in Vietnam by sharing her skills and training providers When Ann Nguyen was studying for her MSN degree in 2011, she didn’t plan on revolutionizing wound care in her native country. But following an introduction to Dr. Gregory Crow and her subsequent involvement with the Vietnam Nurse Project (an academic-service partnership between the University of San Francisco School of Nursing & Health Professions and healthcare providers in that country) that’s exactly what happened. Nguyen, who is clinical nurse manager of the Wound Care Center at Regional Medical Center of San Jose, went to Vietnam in 2011… Read more.

Working together, HCA can achieve new heights in patient care and satisfaction

by Milton Johnson, Chairman and CEO At HCA, quality patient care and improving the patient experience is at the core of everything we do. Because of our size, scope and expertise, we are uniquely positioned to lead the healthcare community in this regard, and we are doing just that. Even so, there is always room for improvement. We owe it to our patients and their families to provide an exemplary experience in every care setting. And, as I’ve visited caregivers across our organization, I’ve seen firsthand that there is a very deep desire to give our patients the best possible… Read more.

Culturally Competent Care – HCA’s C3 Initiative

As a company we are committed to treating everyone with dignity and respect, whether that be a patient or colleague. Beyond being a diverse organization that recognizes and respects the unique value of each individual, HCA strives to provide culturally competent care in all our facilities.

From Nurse Nancy Dolls to Chief Nursing Officer

My mom always said I was born to be a nurse. Maybe it was the nursing outfit I used to wear as a child – complete with hat and cape (it was even my Halloween costume one year). Or maybe it was because I had a Nurse Nancy doll complete with bed and thermometer that I used to take care of.

What is Palliative Care and Why is it Important?

Palliative care refers to the medical care of patients in the final hours or days of their lives. In 2010 a study by the New England Journal of Medicine found that patients who received palliative care for a terminal illness (like lung cancer for example) were happier and in less pain than those not in the palliative program. End of Life Care has been a passion of mine from the early days of my career as a critical care nurse.  I worked in a surgical-trauma ICU.  The most tragic part of my job was talking with family members in the… Read more.

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