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How HCA and Affiliated Hospitals Help our Environment

April 22 marks the 47th anniversary of Earth Day.  Earth Day is an opportunity to celebrate, educate and demonstrate how HCA and our affiliated hospitals help our planet.  For Earth Day 2017, we’re sharing interesting facts about how we have worked to become more environmentally friendly for our employees, patients and communities. Did You Know…? HCA has a comprehensive environmental sustainability program to promote energy and water conservation, green buildings, and increase recycling and environmentally conscious purchasing. We have a Sustainability Steering Committee that provides overall guidance for HCA’s Sustainability Program. Four task forces – Energy and Water, Construction and… Read more.

Power Players Save Hospital Energy for Eco-Friendly Communities, Healthier Environments

Our co-founder Dr. Thomas Frist, Sr., said: “There is so much good to do in the world and so many different ways to do it.” We are proud to do our part by caring for the environment, our hospitals, patients, employees and the communities we serve through sustainability efforts. As vice president of engineering and facility management and head of HCA’s Energy and Water Task Force, one of the many ways my team makes a difference is through our Energy Service Center. Hospitals are often the first or second largest users of energy in a community, using approximately twice the… Read more.

Creating the right environment

HCA ensures safe and environmentally sound facilities with help from HealthTrust HCA strives to choose the best products for the environment – all with the goal of providing excellent patient care. Being a part of HealthTrust allows us to do just that. HealthTrust, a group purchasing organization (GPO), offers solutions for total cost management across hospitals and affiliated healthcare facilities. As a founder and current member of HealthTrust, HCA is part of an organized process of identifying and selecting contracts with suppliers for clinically recommended products and services that can improve patient and employee safety as well as promote waste… Read more.

Earth Day: Start Small – Recycle!

At HCA-affiliate Specialty Hospital, our guiding principle is primum non nocere – a Latin phrase that means, “first, do no harm.” This code applies to our patient care, commitment to community, employee wellbeing, and in this case, our environment. And, at Specialty, we believe every day is Earth Day! We are a two-time (2014-15) winner of the Practice Greenhealth, the nation’s leading membership organization for healthcare institutions committed to eco-friendly practices, Partner of Change Award due, in large part, to our creation of a single-system recycling program. So, what does that mean, exactly? It means gone are the days of… Read more.

Making Strides in Sustainability

As one of the leading providers of healthcare services in the nation, HCA is committed to the care and improvement of human life. We demonstrate this commitment through service to our patients, in our communities and for one another. But what most don’t know is our interest in protecting the environment – a natural extension of our mission – through company-wide sustainability efforts. HCA has organized its sustainability initiatives under the Sustainability Steering Committee, chaired by Alan Yuspeh, senior vice president and chief ethics and compliance officer, where four task forces work on environmental issues with company-wide application: Construction and… Read more.

Going Green for Good

HCA’s environmental policies produce efficiency and savings Environmental sustainability is an everyday focus at HCA. It’s always a great time to talk about recycling, renewable energy and other eco-friendly policies, and HCA is able to lead many of those conversations thanks to its longtime commitment to providing outstanding healthcare in the most sustainable fashion. “We actively pursue sustainability and cost savings in many operational areas, from new construction meeting environmental goals, to purchasing and recycling programs,” says Anna Ward, HCA’s sustainability manager. “We also focus on specific technologies, such as LED lighting and real-time energy metering. Our Sustainability Steering Committee… Read more.

How HCA Recycles Tons of Construction Debris & Materials Today for Use Tomorrow

HCA is serious about sustainability.  Most people think being “green” in our hospitals means closer management of medical waste, optimizing energy efficiency with heat and air systems and controlling lighting when areas are not in use.  But what about buildings that have served their useful life?  Each year HCA may replace and often reconfigures and enlarges existing facilities.  The HCA Design & Construction Department (D&C) has been overseeing efforts to recycle construction waste and demolition materials since 2009.  Just from 2012-2014 more than 114,000 tons of debris have been diverted from landfills.  Sound like a lot?  HCA construction projects recycled… Read more.

Aiming for LEED Silver Certification at Two New Texas Hospitals

Hospitals are an essential part of a community. They help save and improve lives. But in order for them to keep operating and providing the services their community needs, hospitals require a lot of energy which can have negative impacts on the environment. In fact, Richard F. Moorer of the Department of Energy mentioned that hospitals are among the nation’s most complex and energy-intensive facilities. However, this does not mean that hospitals shouldn’t make efforts to minimize their environmental impact.

HCA Going Green

Can a Hospital Go Green? – INFOGRAPHIC

Our friends at Practice Green Health recently gave us the opportunity to guest write a post on their blog a while back. They’re doing some really great work to help healthcare become more green. We’ve written about that challenge before. On their site, we shared an infographic that gives an overview of the actions HCA has taken to reduce our impact on the environment. You can view that infographic at Practice Green Health or keep scrolling down this page if you prefer. There’s still work to be done in this area but we’re taking steps in the right direction.

LEED-ing the Way

Groundbreaking, environmentally friendly facilities opening in Virginia For some companies, being environmentally friendly means adding a few recycling bins throughout the building, and turning off lights in empty rooms. HCA is taking much larger steps at two Virginia facilities, with changes that will keep the company at the forefront of sustainability. The first is West Creek Medical Center, a newly constructed, freestanding emergency department in Richmond. The facility, which is now open to patients, is the company’s first to use geothermal energy for part of its heating and cooling needs. Geothermal Energy Provides Year-Round Savings The concept of geothermal energy… Read more.

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