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Pregnancy-Related Fears: Know the Facts about Birth Defects

You’re pregnant – congrats! As a new mom-to-be, you may experience a range of emotions from joy to excitement to “Worrier in Chief” – all in a matter of minutes – as reality starts to sink in. You are not alone. One of the things pregnant women tend to worry about the most are birth defects. In fact, according to Parents Magazine, 78 percent of expectant mothers rated birth defects as their number one concern. But knowing the facts can help ease your anxiety. And there are steps you can take to prevent birth defects and protect your baby. Genetic… Read more.

Gift of Life: Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children Donates Life-Saving Procedure

Seven-year-old Uganda native Deborah Kisakye now has hope for a better future after being gifted her second critical open heart operation at HCA’s Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. Our Denver-based hospital and the entire medical team donated two heart procedures to give a young girl a chance at life. Dr. Steven Leonard, a pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon at RMHC, performed the first surgery in 2011 for baby Deborah, who was born with a complex congenital heart defect. After learning the medical expertise and equipment to treat her condition was limited in her country, Dr. Leonard and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children… Read more.

Former Miracle Baby Helps Give NICU Slogan Then, Pays it Forward Now

Do you believe in miracles? Not the 1980 Winter Olympics’ “Miracle on Ice,” but the ones when you’re given a second chance…at life. At HCA’s Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center (P/SL), they believe in miracles. And it’s all because of Chris Downs. Downs, a now healthy 20-year-old, was at one time fighting for his young life at the Denver-based HCA-affiliated hospital. Born at sister facility Rose Medical Center in 1995 with a rare birth defect called diaphragmatic hernia – a hole in the diaphragm that leads to abdominal organs in the chest, Baby Downs was… Read more.

Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children Performs Life-Saving Surgery on Unborn Twins

In collaboration with HealthONE Center for Maternal Fetal Health, Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children (RMHC) made headlines last month for giving a pair of twins a chance at life before they were even born. For the first-time ever, pediatric surgeons at the HCA-affiliated hospital performed a rare fetal procedure for one of the most dangerous conditions you’ve likely never heard of – Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS). Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome is an unpredictable condition that affects identical twins who share the same placenta.  TTTS happens when abnormal blood vessels within the placenta cause an imbalance of blood… Read more.

Q&A: Lead Poisoning and What It Means for Children

Lead poisoning may not have been a condition in the forefront of our minds…until the public health crisis in Flint, Michigan happened. There, thousands of children potentially have been exposed to high levels of lead from the contamination of the city’s water supply.  So, what is lead poisoning? And what should parents know? Dr. Reginald Washington, Chief Medical Officer for HCA-affiliate Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children – a system of six hospitals in Denver, Colo., recently sat down for a Q&A to educate our readers on the sources, symptoms, treatment and prevention for lead exposure. What is lead exposure? The… Read more.

REAP: A Game-Changer in Concussion Protocol at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children

“Concussion” is sure to be a Hollywood blockbuster this Christmas. But to Drs. Brooke Pengel and Karen McAvoy, concussions are real life. The two have been working together since the 2010 inception of Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children’s Center for Concussion – Dr. Pengel on the medical-side and Dr. McAvoy on the psychological end of the condition – to raise awareness of concussion, educate and train parents, schools, coaches and athletes to identify the injury, and ultimately, change the game in concussion protocol. Authored by Dr. McAvoy, REAP, which stands for Remove/Reduce, Educate, Adjust/Accommodate and Pace, is a 20-page book… Read more.

Technology in the NICU

In today’s digital age, we should all “unplug,” take a technology “fast,” or go “off the grid” every now and then. Maintaining connectivity 24/7 can, quite frankly, cause anxiety, stress and all around F.O.M.O. (Fear of Missing Out). But, for some new mothers at HCA’s Rose Medical Center and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, technology has become a welcomed addition to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). NICU nurses at the facilities are using Apple FaceTime on iPads in order for new parents to connect with their newborns in isolation. Approximately 20 families have already benefited from FaceTime at both… Read more.

Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children

Black Death Is No Match for Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children

A child with high fever and seizures is cause for alarm. When Dr. Jennifer Snow got a call from an emergency room 400 miles away, she immediately made arrangements to have the 7-year-old patient transferred to HealthONE’s Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children in Denver.

Logan’s Day With the Cup at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children

Logan’s Day With The Cup The Stanley Cup finals are underway as the Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins battle for Lord Stanley’s cup. But Logan Piz has already claimed this year’s Cup. Logan, 13, was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a cancer that primarily affects children and adolescents, in November of 2012.

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