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Meet the Patient Advisor

At its core, patient safety is about making improvements to the healthcare system that result in the safest environment and procedures possible for patients. Because of this, our hospitals are always looking for opportunities to improve. Not surprisingly, one of the best ways to find out how you can do better is to ask the people you serve: the patients. Many of our hospitals have started patient advisory boards where patients are invited to give feedback on how they can improve. That’s what we do at Raulerson Hospital, where I’m privileged to serve as CEO. Every quarter, we randomly select… Read more.

Why Do We Ask Patients to Speak Up?

It’s easy to think that patient safety is completely reliant on healthcare providers like doctors and nurses. But a patient is not someone who is there to simply receive instruction. Yesterday, Dr. Perlin and Diane Pinakiewicz spoke about the role of the patient in patient safety.  They are part of the care team and should actively participate in care decisions. Like Diane said, nobody knows more about the patient than the patient. In fact, a 2008 study showed that patients who are more engaged in their care, have better outcomes. At our hospitals, we have worked to create an environment… Read more.

Patient Safety Podcast – HCA and NPSF Discussion

Yesterday, we talked broadly about Patient Safety Awareness Week in order to provide more context around the movement. Today, we’re going to go a little deeper. Recently, I sat down with HCA’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Perlin and the President of the National Patient Safety Foundation, Diane Pinakiewicz to discuss patient safety. I wanted to hear their thoughts on how far we’ve come, what’s on the horizon and the roles that both patients and their providers (nurses and doctors) play in improving patient safety. We recorded the conversation and separated the audio by each question, below. This is a great discussion… Read more.

Kicking Off Patient Safety Awareness Week

March 4– 10 is Patient Safety Awareness Week, a national education and awareness-building campaign started by the National Patient Safety Foundation focused on improving patient safety.  During this week, we will highlight our commitment to patient safety in the communities we serve. The info-graphic below illustrates 5 ways patients and healthcare providers (like doctors and nurses) can partner to make care safe. For example, did you know that patients are key members of the care team, and are encouraged to speak up if they have questions or concerns? Learn more below.

Know the Facts about Heart Disease

Heart disease remains one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. February is American Heart Month which means it’s a good time to get to know the facts about heart disease. Below is an info-graphic that highlights some statistics that might surprise you. For example, did you know that most heart attacks occur in the morning?

Improving Patient Safety by Improving Design

When I was starting out in nursing, I used to divide my assignment list on my orthopedics unit by those patients who had IVs and those who did not. The patients with IVs were the exception, not the rule and they required more of your attention. Ever counted an IV drip rate using the second hand on a wrist watch? Back then, IVs were something special, not something that every patient had. Through the years, technology has made tasks (like counting the drip rate for example) easier but I wonder if it has also made us a bit complacent. IVs… Read more.

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