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All in the Family at Trident Health

Registered nurse Robin Workman is a natural care giver. But she didn’t always know that she would be a nurse. That big decision came after serving a few years in the Air Force

A Proud Moment for Rose Medical Center

On Feb. 7, I had one of the proudest moments of my nursing career – accepting an award on behalf of the nursing staff at Rose Medical Center.

Happy Nurses Week, Y’all – Music Video

Nurses Week is a time to celebrate all nurses and the nursing profession. At HCA, we’re fortunate to work with the best nurses around. Their dedication to quality patient care and safety is unmatched.

Kicking Off Nurses Week 2012

Happy Nurses Week everyone! I wanted to send a quick message to all our nurses to let you know how much I appreciate the work you do. I hope your week is filled with encouragement.   You might also enjoy: Happy Nurses Week Y’all – Music Video  

Understanding Newborn Bereavement – Laurie Van Damme Interview

Recent discussion and news coverage about the way presidential candidate Rick Santorum and his family memorialized the short life of their newborn baby several years ago has brought attention to the issue of newborn bereavement and shown that the importance honoring the lives of newborns is not widely understood. Every year there are around 19,000 neonatal deaths (within the first 28 days) in the U.S. Behind each of those deaths is a family trying to make sense out of what happened. Our job as nurses is to help however we can as they grieve their loss. So, to help shed… Read more.

Improving Patient Safety by Improving Design

When I was starting out in nursing, I used to divide my assignment list on my orthopedics unit by those patients who had IVs and those who did not. The patients with IVs were the exception, not the rule and they required more of your attention. Ever counted an IV drip rate using the second hand on a wrist watch? Back then, IVs were something special, not something that every patient had. Through the years, technology has made tasks (like counting the drip rate for example) easier but I wonder if it has also made us a bit complacent. IVs… Read more.

The Art and Science of Nursing

In 2004, a team of researchers released a study that asserted only 46% of hospital nursing practice was based on scientific research; the rest was based on tradition, experience and judgment.

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