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Nepal swinging bridge at the base of Mt. Everest

HCA employee assists in Nepal earthquake relief effort

In the aftermath of the devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake that rocked Nepal, there have not only been stories of incredible loss, but also inspirational stories of true selflessness in the face of a natural disaster. One of HCA’s own, Nancy Malhotra, director of trauma services at Chippenham Hospital in Richmond, Virginia, was one of the many international visitors who were part of the volunteer relief effort directly following the quake. Nancy was with her husband and her stepdaughter hiking near Mount Everest when the massive earthquake struck during their return trek. Hours later, the entire family was at the forefront of… Read more.

HCA Pledges Up to $1 Million for Nepal Earthquake Relief Effort

We’ve all seen the pictures and heard the unthinkable stories of the widespread destruction caused by the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that devastated Nepal on Saturday, April 25. It is estimated that more than five thousand people lost their lives in the aftermath of the quake, and many more are presumed dead or missing. HCA has pledged up to $1 million to international disaster relief organizations to assist with earthquake relief efforts.

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