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HCA Helps You be Your Best Self on Sharecare Radio

By Dr. Darria Long Gillespie, senior vice president of clinical strategy at Sharecare  At Sharecare, we’re committed to getting the most up-to-date and accurate health information to the public in accessible, easy-to-understand ways. That’s why we’ve partnered with HCA, to gain access to their providers’ breadth of expertise across all health fields. And now, along with the thousands of articles, Q&A’s, and videos on our personalized platform that feature HCA physicians, we will also benefit from their knowledge on our Sharecare Radio show and podcast. Sharecare Radio, hosted on RadioMD and also appearing on iHeartRadio and iTunes, is live every… Read more.

Zika Virus 101: What Every “Babymooner” Needs to Know

With the popularity of babymoons – a last romantic getaway before the arrival of a new baby – and the quick spreading, mosquito-borne Zika virus causing outbreaks in many vacation destinations, what should expectant mothers know? Dr. Kelly Culpepper, an OBGYN at our Medical City Dallas Hospital, sat down to talk about the Zika virus and pregnancy risks, signs and symptoms and give her advice to pregnant patients considering travel to Zika-affected areas. Visit our HCA North Texas blog for more pregnancy tips and information for moms and mom-to-be. 

Surviving the Storm: Dr. Beck Weathers of Feature Film “Everest” & HCA’s Medical City Dallas Hospital

Left for dead on Mount Everest, Medical City Dallas Hospital pathologist Dr. Beck Weathers discusses his 1996 near-death experience. Watch Dr. Weathers describe the results of the innovative reconstructive surgery he received at HCA’s Medical City Dallas Hospital that allows him to lead a normal life as a doctor and a motivational speaker. Dr. Beck Weathers also talks about the movie Everest, in which his character is portrayed by Oscar-nominated actor Josh Brolin.

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