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Some Said Martha Had Two Months Left. She and LewisGale Disagreed — Martha’s Cancer Survival Story

“You have two months to live,” are words a person never forgets. But for Martha those words were the beginning of her amazing journey, not the end. She has been through a lot and is happy to share stories of surgeries and challenges. But she is more apt to talk about the gifts her cancer gave her: the love of family, the care of nurses and doctors at LewisGale that became part of her family, the trips to the Grand Canyon and endless hours of crocheting to make hats and quilts for cancer patients.

LewisGale Transforms Teens’ Lives

Oftentimes, kids don’t want to appear too different from their peers for fear of being singled out as “uncool” or bringing unwanted attention to themselves. Two teenagers who arrived in the United States with conditions that severely affected their physical capabilities returned home recently as changed teens, and looking a lot more like their friends, thanks to LewisGale Regional Health System and the charitable care it provided.

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