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The Good, The Bad & The Why “13 Reasons Why” is Striking a Chord

They’re calling it the new must-see series on Netflix. But it’s giving pause to some schools, parents and mental health experts. 13 Reasons Why, whether you like it or not, has sparked a crucial – and perhaps overdue – conversation about youth suicide. Based on a young adult (YA) novel of the same name, 13 Reasons Why is a story about a young woman, Hannah, who kills herself and creates 13 audio tapes to explain why for that many people. Dr. Kristin Rager, an adolescent medicine specialist at The Children’s Hospital at TriStar Centennial in Nashville, who works with young… Read more.

Partnering with the Jason Foundation to Prevent Suicide

Hello from The Jason Foundation, Inc.! My name is Clark Flatt and I started this foundation in 1997 after losing my youngest son, Jason – age 16 to the terrible “Silent Epidemic” of youth suicide. The goal of The Jason Foundation is to stop youth suicide by providing programs and resources that educates and equips individuals with awareness and tools to help identify and assist at-risk youth.

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