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Team HCA Runs the Country Music Marathon and Gives Hope

Last weekend, runners from across the U.S. came to Nashville (our hometown) to participate in the Country Music Marathon. At HCA, 452 of our employees and their family members laced up their shoes and ran or walked the full or half marathon. They were part of what we call Team HCA. 

Happy Doctors’ Day! Infographic

March 30 is Doctors’ Day. It is a day to celebrate the contribution of physicians who serve their patients and communities. We wish every doctor today a very happy Doctors’ Day and have put together the infographic below to highlight some of the characteristics of a great doctor. We’ve also provided a bit of history around the profession and why March 30 was selected as Doctors’ Day. Check out some of our other infographics: Kicking off Patient Safety Awareness Week Know the Facts About Heart Disease

From Weight Loss to Career – Goals Matter

You can’t hit what you don’t aim for. In order to reach your goals, you first have to know what they are. Second, you have to break them down into small actions. Don’t try to do it all at once. Start with one small action that moves you in the direction you want to go. This is true whether you’re trying to lose weight to achieve your weight loss goal, or just trying to get ahead in your career. Here are some tips from Hannah Curlee (runnerup on NBC’s The Biggest Loser) and H2U that will help you reach your… Read more.

Don’t Make Mobile Apps. Make Furniture.

Last week I was in Austin, TX with a few thousand of my closest friends for the annual South by Southwest conference. If you’ve ever been you know that there are so many events and sessions to attend that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Some of the sessions I attended really inspired and motivated me. Others fell short. Overall though, I’m walking away with new perspective and ideas that will stick with me for a while. I want to talk about one of those today. I went to a panel discussion called “Designing Daily Positive Additions”. One of the members… Read more.

Meet HCA’s First Babies of 2012

The New Year brings with it stories from cities across America about the first babies born in 2012. Here are the stories of two born at HCA facilities. The first baby born in Ogden, Utah, possibly in the entire State of Utah was Jaden Adams, born five seconds after midnight at the birthing center at HCA’s Ogden Regional Medical Center, Ogden, Utah. In El Paso, Texas, Cristina Jaquez, 28, gave birth to a healthy 7-pound, 2-ounce boy at 12:01 a.m. Sunday at Del Sol Medical Center. Veronica Munoz, the charge nurse for the postpartum floor said in an interview with… Read more.

Troops, Thanksgiving and Tigers. Tigers? Yes…Tigers

This post originally appeared on the TriStar Family Physicians blog. One of the great things about my job is taking care of families and watching them grow up together. I practice with the TriStar Medical Group Family Physicians. We’re located in Middle TN not far from Fort Campbell, so many of the families we meet serve in our military. This gives us the unique perspective of seeing how much our military men and women sacrifice by being away from their loved ones, especially during holidays. We love our troops and are always looking for ways to acknowledge how much they… Read more.

Honoring Our Veterans

We held a parade at our corporate campus in Nashville to honor the more than 4,400 veterans we have working with us company-wide. We even had a couple drummers from Vanderbilt lead the way! Here’s a short clip with remarks from CEO Richard Bracken. Thank you for all you do!

Interview with Army Sgt Scott Stephenson – Wounded Warrior

Army Sergeant Scott Stephenson and his mom Luana Schneider run Tempered Steel, a 501(c)3 whose goal is to provide a way for military men and women who have been physically wounded in war share their stories  through public dialogue.

The Funniest Flu Video Ever

He’s kept you home from work. Kept your kids home from school. He even made you miss that date with that one guy you swore was “the one.” He’s a nuisance to society….so we thought we’d sit down and have a chat with him. We’re talking, of course, about the flu. Check out our interview below.

Interview with the Biggest Loser’s Hannah Curlee

Last season on the Biggest Loser, millions of viewers watched Hannah Curlee and her sister Olivia compete week after week on their way to the finale where the winner would be named. In the end, Olivia took home the title of Biggest Loser with Hannah coming in just behind her. What many people probably don’t know is that Hannah actually works at HCA. Now that the show is over she’s back with us working in  a new role at H2U, our wellness affiliate. John Steele, who leads our HR department, used to be Hannah’s boss. He sat down recently to chat… Read more.

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