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Arlington Police Detective Pays it Forward, Launches Kidney Exchange

Arlington (Texas) Police Detective Josh Gowins took his duty as a public servant to new heights on Monday when he donated one of his kidneys to a stranger at HCA-affiliate Plaza Medical Center of Fort Worth. His selfless act launched a kidney swap chain, resulting in a new lease on life for three grateful patients. And to Detective Gowins, “it was a small price to pay to help someone” in need. “Det. Gowins literally walked through our front doors and said, ‘I am willing to donate a kidney to whoever needs it,” Dr. George Rofaiel, surgical director of transplant services for… Read more.

TriStar StoneCrest’s Heather Bratcher Tested by Medical Emergency, Finishes with Victory

The football season is over for some. The lockers are cleaned out, the cleats are neatly tucked away and the glare of “Friday Night Lights” is a distant memory. But to Heather Bratcher, director of emergency services at HCA’s TriStar StoneCrest Medical Center, her work on the gridiron has just begun. The registered nurse and 17-year veteran of HCA spearheaded the collection and donation of 12 first aid emergency responder bags to middle schools in Rutherford County, Tennessee, after she found herself providing life-saving care without basic first aid tools at a Siegel Middle School football game last September. The… Read more.

A Labor of Love: Surrogate Grandmother Gives Birth to Granddaughter at The Medical Center of Plano

There’s no love like a mother’s love. After her daughter’s struggle with infertility, Tracey Thompson did what only a mother would do. At 54 years old, she stepped in as a surrogate to carry her grandchild. On January 6, Tracey gave her daughter Kelley the gift of a lifetime – a healthy baby girl delivered at The Medical Center of Plano. A unique situation for HCA’s Medical Center of Plano, the OB/GYN staff carefully laid out a plan for this special pregnancy. They coordinated medical treatments for Tracey’s surrogacy, implanted her daughter’s remaining embryo in April 2015 and successfully delivered… Read more.

HCA’s Plaza Medical Center Helps Give Soldier a Hero’s Send-Off

Former U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Matthew James Whalen served his country with four tours of duty in the Middle East. His last act of service was saving more lives by being an organ donor at HCA affiliate Plaza Medical Center of Fort Worth. As his family was preparing for Christmas on Monday, the 35-year-old suffered a massive stroke and was transferred from another hospital to Plaza Medical Center for treatment. Although nothing could be done to save Staff Sgt. Whalen’s life, the caring staff at Plaza wanted to do something special to honor this fallen veteran and his family. Robin… Read more.

Medical Center of Plano CEO Shares Message of Hope, Life Lessons from the “Lost Boys of Sudan”

The holiday season has a way of reminding us of what is truly important. Family and friends; health and wellness; laughter, love and our very life, become more precious this time of year. Too often, and sadly, we take those things for granted. And then “life” happens and puts everything into perspective. Three of our staff members at HCA’s Medical Center of Plano (MCP) experienced devastating loss at an early age. David Deng, David Munduk and Bior Bior were just children when they were separated from their families by violence and civil war in south Sudan.  Our colleagues were three… Read more.

HCA Nurse Spots Dangerous Health Concern for TV Favorite, Reaches Out to Save Him

Nurses are at the heart of patient care at HCA. They are the face of our organization and the difference-makers in the lives of millions who enter our hospital doors every year…and the lifeline for some who don’t. Ryan Read, a registered nurse at HCA-affiliate Denton Regional Medical Center, potentially saved someone’s life on her day “off”. She had been watching the television show Flip or Flop on HGTV and noticed a lump on the co-hosts’ throat. Ryan e-mailed the producers of the show and advised the host to seek medical attention. He was checked out and later diagnosed with… Read more.

Trident Health CEO Reflects on Special Delivery, Staff Committment during South Carolina Flood

In early October, an historic rainfall caused disastrous flooding across South Carolina. According to CNN, there were 17 weather-related deaths and approximately 600 rescues of people and animals reported in the state. However, in the wake of the devastation, there was a bright ray of sunshine. His name is Elijah. Elijah was one of 24 babies born at HCA’s Trident Medical Center during what experts are calling a 1,000-year rainfall, between October 1 and October 5. His mother, Tyshenequia McLean, whose experience was just as unique, went into labor that Sunday morning while trapped by high waters at her home… Read more.

How Doctors Hospital of Sarasota Reunited Sisters

It was an unlikely reunion story of sisters – two staff members! – at HCA affiliate Doctors Hospital of Sarasota. Separated in South Korea nearly four decades ago, Meagan Hughes, a physical therapy assistant, and Holly Hoyle O’Brien, a nursing assistant, were reunited on the fourth floor of the hospital earlier this year. At the time, the siblings weren’t aware of their connection until similarities in their history kept emerging. Orphaned. South Korea. Same maiden name – “Shin.”  Meagan and Holly spent more time together during-and-after work, compared notes and ultimately decided to take a DNA test. The test confirmed… Read more.

Surviving the Storm: Dr. Beck Weathers of Feature Film “Everest” & HCA’s Medical City Dallas Hospital

Left for dead on Mount Everest, Medical City Dallas Hospital pathologist Dr. Beck Weathers discusses his 1996 near-death experience. Watch Dr. Weathers describe the results of the innovative reconstructive surgery he received at HCA’s Medical City Dallas Hospital that allows him to lead a normal life as a doctor and a motivational speaker. Dr. Beck Weathers also talks about the movie Everest, in which his character is portrayed by Oscar-nominated actor Josh Brolin.

Celebrating Hope Fund Week: Q&A with Joanne Pulles

Joanne Pulles, HCA vice president of community relations and president of the HCA Hope Fund, described the work of the 501(c)(3) charity that has helped over 18,000 HCA families in 10 years and talked about how they’re celebrating a Decade of Hope. During our talk, she expressed that, for HCA employees, whether you’re in Alaska, Florida or Texas…a nurse, doctor or CEO, the Hope Fund connects us all. It’s the culture of HCA – to help people. We asked her a few questions to learn more. What is the HCA Hope Fund? The HCA Hope Fund is a public charity… Read more.

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