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Taking Care of Our Own – HCA Hope Fund

Today marks the start of Hope Fund Week – a chance to celebrate our company’s culture of giving and serving people. At HCA, we really care about caring for each other, and our Hope Fund is the perfect example. For 11 years, this public charity, supported by our employees and for our employees, has helped more than 21,000 HCA families in need. Originating from our employees’ desire to help their colleagues after the Florida hurricanes of 2004, the Hope Fund was formalized as a charity and went into operation the next year, just in time to help after Hurricane Katrina.… Read more.

National Preparedness Month: Prepared to Care

In an emergency – natural or man-made – everyone stands up for the benefit of the community and does what’s right: care for people. That’s why we recognize September as National Preparedness Month, plan for emergency situations, and remain at the ready for our communities in times of need. The success of preparedness is, first and foremost, having a plan in advance. Building solid relationships within that plan and before a disaster strikes are equally as important.  Take, for instance, the recent storms in Florida that resulted in a lightning strike and a subsequent power outage at affiliate Regional Medical… Read more.

Off-Duty ER Nurse Saves a Stranger’s Life in Martial Arts Class

Little did Rex Hardin know when he woke up one morning, he had only a two percent chance of living…and an “off-duty” ER nurse from HCA’s Orange Park Medical Center would save his life. Jordana Taji, a first-year registered nurse at Orange Park Medical, and Hardin, two strangers and members of a local martial arts and fitness gym, happened to attend the same jiu-jitsu class one evening, when Hardin suddenly collapsed face down onto the floor. Taji, understanding the severity of the situation, didn’t hesitate. She began to perform CPR, with the help of three other medically trained members in… Read more.

Home is Where the Heart Is: Women’s & Children’s Hospital CEO Talks Spirit of Staff, Community after Louisiana Flood

Growing up in a military family, I developed the ability to adapt to change very quickly. A new town, new school, new friends and new beginnings, wasn’t always easy, but it made me the person I am today. Someone who cherishes community, family and friends – that’s where my heart is, you see – right here, in Louisiana, where the state’s recent flooding has been called “the worst natural disaster to strike the United States since Hurricane Sandy.” As president and CEO of Women’s & Children’s Hospital in Lafayette, La., an affiliate of HCA, which operates four other hospitals in… Read more.

Chief Nursing Informatics Officer Talks Tech for Nurses

For technology serving nurses today, the key is mobility. Adding mobile technology to the nurse’s workflow allows them to get back to the bedside – right where they want, and need, to be. HCA’s Information Technology and Services (IT&S) division wants to help nurses minimize the time required to go between fixed and mobile computing, and maximize the time they have to serve patients face-to-face. Our mobile technologies allow and empower nurses to fully realize their calling: to provide the best care. For anyone involved with mobile technology for nurses or anything that supports them, I hope you’ll take to… Read more.

Rare but Real Risk at the Hair Salon: Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome

The hidden cost of beauty, could be your health. A routine visit to the hair salon for a relaxing day or a new look can – with one wrong move – change your life forever. It’s called “Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome,” and we’re here to break it down for you. What is it? Beauty parlor stroke syndrome can occur by having your head bent backward, or hyperextended, improperly or for a long period of time during a shampoo at the hair salon. Dr. Robert Coni, medical director of the stroke program at HCA’s Grand Strand Medical Center in Myrtle Beach,… Read more.

Physicians Practice What They Preach, Share Their Personal Health Tips

HCA-affiliated physicians touch the lives of more than 26 million patients each year. Their priority is you – to deliver the best possible care to every person, on every visit. But doctors need to stay healthy too. So, the patient in us wanted to know – how do they do it? Our physicians were eager to share their go-to health tips they can’t live without. Here’s the inside information on how they practice what they preach: How do you manage stress? “I manage stress by always making sure there is time scheduled to decompress. I like to plan weekend getaways,… Read more.

Trust Me, the Internet Can’t Deliver Your Baby

Hi, my name is Charlotte, I work in healthcare marketing and … brace yourself, I’m a recovering millennial. There was a time when I thought — thanks to good ol’ Mr.Interwebs — I knew absolutely everything about everything. Now don’t get me wrong, I still think I know everything about most things. But when it comes to my pregnancy, I recently learned an important lesson on trusting my provider instead of my cracker-jack search engine skills. So, there I was: Nine weeks pregnant, sitting awkwardly with my husband in a tiny exam room, while fielding the usual questions from my… Read more.

Making the Grade: Best Back-to-School Hacks to Ease the Transition

The dog days of summer are coming to an end.  Which means the final items on the back-to-school list are checked off and backpacks are filled with new school supplies. That’s right – the back to school hustle and bustle begins. And we all know that making the abrupt change from the summer months to a hectic school routine can be difficult to pull off. But it’s not an impossible feat. You can have a well-rested and energized family this new school year. Just follow these tips for an A+ start to another academic season! Rest is best: Evidence has… Read more.

It’s Timeout for Heat-Related Illness in Football, Learn the Warning Signs

August – we have a love-hate relationship. It marks the start of America’s favorite sport – football, in case you’re wondering – but it’s also one of the hottest months of the year. And therein lies our dilemma. As football practices begin at all levels – Pop Warner, high school, college and the pros – parents, coaches and athletes themselves must know the heat-related risks on the gridiron and learn when to throw in the flag. A national expert in sports medicine and player safety, Dr. Gregory Stewart, medical director of the HCA-affiliated Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine, said that… Read more.

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