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Worth 1,000 words

Nurse, iPhone help new mom connect with baby When Heidi King went into labor last June and headed to TriStar Summit Medical Center, she expected a pretty routine delivery. Everything in her pregnancy had been normal, and she was fiddling around on Facebook and texting as her labor progressed. Then everything changed — fast. “I got a giant migraine, my blood pressure dropped and I began to get sick,” King says. “At that same time, my doctor walked into the room, looked at the monitor, threw my husband a set of scrubs and said, ‘Let’s go!’” She required an emergency… Read more.

Fair Play

Denver’s pro sports athletes get involved with hospital visits and more From team visits to pediatric units to full-on halftime displays, Denver’s sports teams are interacting with HCA facilities in a big way. Athletes have long given generously of their time when it comes to making hospital visits, but in a sports-heavy town like Denver, that’s just scratching the surface. Many athletes and mascots lend their time and talents to fundraisers and other appearances as well. Last fall, the Denver Broncos turned their Oct. 13 home game into a total engagement event for breast cancer awareness, prevention and research. “We… Read more.

Big Ideas

Innovators Award division-level winners showcase creative thinking The ideas poured in for HCA’s annual Innovators Award, and the crop of entries this year continued to build on the tradition of innovation that this award inspires. Last year’s overall winners show just how innovative HCA employees can be: “The Closer” program allows department directors to meet with patients just before discharge to make sure everything with their stay was all right. End result? Significantly higher patient-satisfaction scores. Bubble-gum colored crash carts for pediatric emergencies help doctors, nurses and other staff find the right equipment, right away — improving patient care and also… Read more.

Singing Her Praises

ER Nurse “Katie Ohh” sings her way to $1 million on NBC’s “The Winner Is” What would you do with a million dollars? It’s a fun question to consider but one that few people actually get to answer. Katie Orlofske is one of those people. A nurse at TriStar Centennial Medical Center, Katie won NBC’s “The Winner Is” vocal talent show in March 2013. Katie Ohh — as friends and fans know her — took top honors in the singing competition not only because of her powerhouse voice, but also because she was willing to bet on herself: the show… Read more.

Thinking Big

Nursing Innovation Challenge turns ideas into action early on There’s no shortage of good ideas within HCA hospitals. That’s why the annual Innovators Award is always such a success. Taking a cue from that ongoing effort, the Chief Nursing Officers Council is capitalizing on employees’ brainpower with the Nursing Innovation Challenge. The challenge was launched last summer and asked nurses one very important question: If you could design or create future technologies that would change the practice of nursing, enhance nursing workflow, streamline processes and improve patient safety, what would those be? That was followed by a pretty simple rollout:… Read more.

Therapy animals find special place in patients’ hearts

Nashville, Tenn. Many HCA hospitals have successful pet-therapy programs. From dogs and cats and even parrots, animals visit patients and brighten a lot of days. At TriStar Southern Hills Medical Center, some very special dogs are able to forge an even deeper connection on the rehab unit. As a part of their therapy, patients here receive visits from Simon and Tripp, both of whom are missing a leg, as well as Ella the therapy cat. Because many of Southern Hills’ rehab patients are amputees, seeing the dogs moving around freely is very motivational, says Emily Wilkinson, an occupational therapist who… Read more.

TriStar Greenview hospitalists honored as top performers

Bowling Green, Ky. TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital has been named the 2013 PRC Top Performer Hospital in Hospitalist Services for Medical Staff Perception. The 2013 PRC Excellence in Healthcare awards are sponsored by Professional Research Consultants Inc., a healthcare marketing-research company based in Omaha, Neb. TriStar Greenview’s Hospitalist program was presented PRC’s highest honor, the crystal “Overall Top Performer Award,” which is given to a healthcare facility scoring at or above the 100th percentile for the Overall Quality of Care in PRC’s national client database for the prior calendar year. The hospital has three hospitalists, contracted physicians whose job is… Read more.

Texas Orthopedic Hospital aids Syrian teenager with prosthesis, rehab

Houston, Texas The ongoing civil war in Syria has displaced and wounded hundreds of thousands of citizens, many of whom are unable to access needed medical care. Happily for Mohammed Jammous, that wasn’t the case for him. Mohammed, age 14, lost his leg from a tank shell in August 2012. He, along with Fatima Asafar, a girl from the West Bank, was brought to Texas Orthopedic Hospital by The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, a nonpolitical, nonprofit organization dedicated to healing the wounds of war, occupation and poverty for Middle East children. They were both treated by physicians from the Fondren… Read more.

Damon W Boatwright Overland Park

CEOs Tell How H2U Health Coaching Benefits Them and Their Employees

H2U’s coaching program has been a game- changer for many. It provides the support needed to reach a healthier weight and prevent or manage chronic diseases by improving nutrition and movement.

Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children

Black Death Is No Match for Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children

A child with high fever and seizures is cause for alarm. When Dr. Jennifer Snow got a call from an emergency room 400 miles away, she immediately made arrangements to have the 7-year-old patient transferred to HealthONE’s Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children in Denver.

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