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Typhoon Haiyan victims

Healing Her Homeland

WHEN TYPHOON YOLANDA hit the Philippines on Nov. 8, 2013, thousands of people were left suffering and displaced. Born and raised in the Philippines, Marissa Schanbacher knew she had to help. “One of the islands that was hit — Guintarcan Island — is near Cebu Island, where I am from,” says Schanbacher. “I heard they needed medical relief, and I felt like money was not enough. I had to do something.” A team effort As the Clinical Documentation Manager for HCA’s Far West Division (FWD), Schanbacher has a large group of coworkers, and she immediately enlisted their help. Mary Ellen… Read more.

RN Residency Program students

Finders, Keepers

ATTRACTING TALENTED NURSES is an ongoing challenge at any hospital. At Alaska Regional Hospital in Anchorage, the problem is particularly acute, but a new, innovative program is helping to find, and keep, RNs. “Hospitals in Alaska are challenged with having enough staff,” says Linda Hackenbruch, CCRN. “Alaska is a very transient state; people either come here and love it for a lifetime, or get up here and realize it’s not the place for them. Either way, we have a ‘come and go’ population, and that affects how we are able to recruit and retain nurses.” In Alaska, there’s a 20… Read more.


Making the Connection

IN EARLY 2013, HCA began to aggressively recruit military veterans for its workforce. The thinking then, as now, is that these men and women are highly skilled professionals with much to offer the organization, even though many had not considered employment in the healthcare field. But the thinking was that even more could be done, so those efforts were furthered last year when HCA began a mentoring program for its new hires from the military, says Avery King, Lead Military Veteran Recruiter and Executive Sales Recruiter. “Sheila Stern introduced HCA to American Corporate Partners (ACP), an organization that works to… Read more.

At Medical Center of Trinity, a chemical disaster drill meant decontamination tents and other safety installations.

At the Ready

ALL HCA HOSPITALS have emergency-preparedness plans in place, but it never hurts to put those into action every so often just to make sure the systems work. Tara Verble, Director of Enterprise Business Continuity Planning, manages the Living Disaster Recovery Planning System, LDRPS. The web-hosted tool offers hospitals a proactive method for managing their continuity plans efficiently and effectively. “After a plan is completed and reviewed, conducting exercises is the best method for validating the accuracy of the plan and preparing the hospital for responding to a real event,” Verble explains. That’s what was going on at two West Florida… Read more.

blood valves

Drawing Up New Plans

FROM BANDAGE USAGE to controlling infections, clinical excellence within HCA covers a broad range of activities and outcomes. The two main goals, however, are always the same: improve the patient experience, and reduce waste and inefficiency while doing so. Often, improvements can be made in an area that seems to be operating just fine. Blood transfusions, for example, seem to be pretty cut and dried: a patient needs blood, the physician orders it and the transfusion takes place. However, a closer look at policies and procedures at Bayshore Medical Center and East Houston Regional Medical Center showed some room for… Read more.

Wesley Patient Navigators left to right; Jolinda Kelly, RN; Andrea Gallardo, APRN; Amanda Page, RN; Paula Hopkins, APRN

Anchoring Care

A CANCER DIAGNOSIS can be extremely terrifying. Someone receiving this news usually has an overwhelming amount of questions in the face of multiple treatment options. Furthermore, cancer treatment plans usually involve six different physicians such as a surgeon, oncologist, radiologist and other clinicians. What to do first? What does my diagnosis mean? Which treatment option is best? These questions, and many others, can be addressed with the help of nurse navigators, a position commonly found in women’s health programs which have now expanded into other programs across several HCA facilities. “Traditionally, navigation has been a part of many breast programs,”… Read more.

Gone But Not Forgotten

IT’S HARD TO SURPRISE Sister Danile Knight, but it can be done. Just ask the staff at Ogden Regional Medical Center in Utah. Since 1944, the Catholic Sisters of the Order of St. Benedict have been the face of healthcare in Ogden. A group of sisters made their home here then, and opened St. Benedict’s Hospital in 1946. More than 150 nuns served tirelessly over the years, operating a school of nursing from 1947 through 1968, as well as creating the St. Benedict’s Foundation to help women, children and families in crisis throughout northern Utah. They also blazed a fundraising… Read more.

Innovators Award highlights great thinking across HCA

THE ANNUAL INNOVATORS AWARD challenge brings out the best thinkers in HCA hospitals and facilities, and last year was no different. More than 1,500 ideas were submitted, and winners were chosen at every facility and at the division level. From those, three national winners have been announced. Each national winner received $10,000, as well as the “Tommy” award, a likeness of company founder Dr. Thomas F. Frist, Jr. SERVICE EXCELLENCE: Project Mary WINNERS:  Douglas Burns, OPSD RN Supervisor, and Lisa Offord, Director of Surgical Services  FACILITY:  St. David’s South Austin Medical Center  Improving the surgical pre-admission process at St. David’s… Read more.

HCA C3 Initiative

EVERYONE AT AN HCA HOSPITAL is focused on providing the best patient care possible. That means everything from using the most advanced technology to providing daily menus for meals. Even so, sometimes a patient and his or her family may feel ignored or misunderstood due to cultural differences, and that’s why HCA has embarked upon the Culturally Competent Care, or C3, Initiative. Cultural competency requires a profound commitment to understanding and responding effectively to diverse values, beliefs and behaviors. Through real-life stories and practical resources, the C3 Initiative offers the tools necessary to ensure HCA’s ability to provide quality care… Read more.

Up Through the Ranks – Meet HCA’s New CEO Milton Johnson

Three decades with HCA gives new CEO unique insight on successes and challenges When he joined HCA back in 1982, Milton Johnson didn’t have his eyes on a corner office. He was just formalizing a relationship that had already been in the works for a couple of years.

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