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Focusing on Med-Surg

New advisory board hones in on training, retention and other core issues HCA’s nurses are key to the success of every facility, regardless of their specialty or in which area they work. But because different functional areas have different requirements when it comes to patient care, the company has focused on specific care areas to drive significant improvements in clinical effectiveness, service efficiency, and employee satisfaction. That approach has worked well for Emergency Department and Operating Room nurses, and now HCA is focusing on Med-Surg Nursing. A newly created Medical-Surgical Director’s Advisory Board, composed of one Med-Surg director from each… Read more.


Real-time patient monitoring becomes possible with advanced new technology The advent of VitalsNow brought about bedside computerized recording of patient information. Now add the Modified Early Warning System, or MEWS, to that data stream and it’s easy to see why Kelly Aldrich, Chief Nursing Informatics Officer, says that it’s a brand-new day at HCA facilities. “We now have truly real-time, medical service patient monitoring,” Aldrich says. “This is something we’ve been unable to do before. With VitalsNow we are able to take vitals and record them automatically in real time. MEWS means that we have added analytics to that, so… Read more.

Culture of Caring

Frist Awards recognize and honor HCA employees’ extraordinary efforts Every year, a group of employees at every HCA facility is faced with an unenviable task: How to choose the employee, volunteer and physician who best represent the goals of outstanding patient care, community involvement and going the extra mile every day? It gets even harder at the division level, when those exemplary people face another round of evaluation, and then finally are narrowed down to three national winners. But that’s what the Frist Awards are all about. Every employee, volunteer and physician makes a difference, but by singling out these… Read more.

Sandy Carlson

How It All Began

Hope Fund was born from employee generosity When Hurricane Charley devastated Southwest Florida, many HCA employees and their families were left with nothing. Reaction from their colleagues around the country was swift, with donations streaming into HCA to be sent along to victims so they could get back on their feet. From that outpouring in 2004, the HCA Hope Fund was born. Realizing that the generosity of HCA employees would need to be channeled in order to do the most good, the company’s senior leadership moved to create an official entity that would support employees in times of crisis. (The… Read more.

A Decade of Caring

HCA’s Hope Fund brings welcome help when employees need it most Generosity and community spirit are hard to miss in HCA hospitals. Bulletin boards in break rooms are loaded down with notices of charity 5K runs and walks, bake sales and myriad other fundraisers for worthy organizations. But there’s one organization just for HCA employees: the HCA Hope Fund. What began as an outpouring of donations following Hurricane Charley in 2004 quickly became a centralized organization within HCA, thanks to forward-thinking leaders who realized that a single clearinghouse was needed to make sure that employees’ generous assistance found its way… Read more.

Teddy Bear clinic

Child’s Play

Stuffed animal clinics make hospital visits less scary for children “Hey, let’s go to the hospital! It’ll be fun!” Try telling that to your average 5-year-old and see what happens. But thanks to a kid-friendly approach involving stuffed animals, several HCA hospitals have found a way to bond with children. Along the way, they also are educating both children and parents about the hospitals’ care offerings. Mountain View Hospital’s Teddy Bear Clinic is one of many such events held at HCA facilities. On Aug. 6, the hospital welcomed a huge group of children that brought along a favorite stuffed animal,… Read more.

ESPP savings

ESPP Returns

Employee Stock Purchase Plan offers HCA stock at a discounted rate Many HCA employees purchase stock through 401(k) plans, IRAs and other investment vehicles. Now they can add HCA stock to their portfolios at a significant savings, thanks to the new Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP). The main benefit of the ESPP is allowing an employee to save for his or her future while also becoming even more of a stakeholder in HCA’s growth and success. The ESPP allows eligible employees to set aside 1 percent to 15 percent of each paycheck, on an after-tax basis, to purchase shares of… Read more.

West Career and technical academy students

Southern Hills After School Program Introduces Students to Healthcare Careers

WHEN HE CAME TO Southern Hills Medical Center in Las Vegas four years ago, CEO Kim Anderson wanted to find ways for the hospital to partner with the community. He got his wish right away. “One way that had come to my mind was working withthe schools in some form or fashion,” Anderson says. “I recalled a program I’d seen elsewhere that brought in high school students and put them with nurses and other clinicians. We thought it was worth pursuing.” It was a natural fit for Anderson and his facility, as he was on a local high school’s advisory… Read more.

HCA & Technology

ELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORDS. Meaningful Use deadlines. Smartphone apps. There’s more information available than ever in healthcare today, and the sheer volume of it can be overwhelming. To not only keep up but to stay ahead, HCA works on many different fronts so that everyone from doctors and nurses to lab techs and billing specialists have what they need at their fingertips to do their jobs well, and provide outstanding healthcare to patients. Health information technology is a complicated subject, says Dr. Jim Jirjis, Chief Health Information Officer. And when you’re looking at a company with the size and scope of… Read more.

Innovation Inside & Out

Code Ready HCA’s Code Ready website ensures that hospitals have a centralized location to store emergency-preparedness plans, so they are ready when natural disasters or catastrophic events threaten their communities. “Last year our corporate emergency operations teams responded to 29 disasters throughout the company, and during some of those, employee work schedules were affected,” says Scott Cormier, Director of Emergency Preparedness & Management for HCA’s Clinical Services and Physicians Group. “We used Code Ready to relay that information to employees.” Using the site to put administrators in touch with employees is much faster and more effective than traditional call lists,… Read more.

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