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Hold The Phone

Mobile platform increases efficiency for caregivers throughout hospital After months of research and testing, HCA is now conducting a pilot of a smartphone program that allows nurses, doctors and other clinicians to connect and share patient information without running afoul of HIPAA rules and other privacy concerns. “We had been asking the clinical community what they wanted from a secure messaging platform on a smartphone,” says Kelly Aldrich, Chief Nursing Informatics Officer for HCA. “They told us they needed a device to communicate about many different aspects of patient care — not just messaging. So we got to work on… Read more.

The Doc and the Documentary

Orthopedic surgeon recalls his football days as part of NFL series Ever hear of a high school football star eventually making it big in the NFL? Sure, but how about the players, fans and families who took their gridiron experiences into remarkable lives far from the playing field? These people are the focus of “Together We Make Football,” a series of segments produced for the “Today” show by NFL Films and NBC. And as producers cast about for professionals to profile, they found an ideal candidate in Dr. Ron Hugate, an orthopedic surgeon in the Denver Clinic at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s… Read more.

Girls Code, Too

Mentoring efforts prepare next generation of women in IT The IT gender gap isn’t just a Silicon Valley issue, and that’s why a growing group of women in HCA’s Nashville offices are stepping up to work with young women who may be considering a career in technology. “I was at a conference, and one session focused on the perceived ambition gap when it comes 
to women in technology,” says Sasha Pickett, Manager of Web Operations for the Web and Social Media Services Department within HCA’s Information Technologies and Services. “One quote that stayed with me was, ‘you can’t be what… Read more.

Doorway to Better Care

Enhanced online patient information system debuts in Nashville and Denver When asked for their healthcare “wish list,” patients routinely request online access to resources and tools like lab results, bill-pay ability and appointment scheduling. MyHealthOne, a new patient portal combining many existing online features, is about to turn those wishes into reality. The patient portal has been in development within HCA’s Information Technologies and Services department for the last couple of years. In the coming months, a growing number of HCA facilities will see the portal functionality added to their websites. The rollout will be slow, because the system will… Read more.

Access to Care

Surgery Centers and freestanding ERs create more patient-centered care In the not-too-distant past, most patients entered an HCA facility either through physician’s referral or the emergency room. Today, patients have a much greater variety of HCA access points to get the care that they need. That’s all part of the company’s strategy to improve the patient experience. HCA’s employees are dedicated to delivering quality, compassionate care in a changing healthcare environment. Now that means actively expanding the places and ways that care
is delivered. Through multiple access points, HCA now gives healthcare consumers more choices and increased convenience, which enhances their… Read more.

Kid Friendly Coral City

Kid Friendly

Pediatrics grows across HCA through expanded services and facilities Good things come in small packages, and that includes HCA’s youngest patients. HCA facilities saw more than 210,000 births in 2013, and for the last several years, the company also has been working to grow its efforts in pediatric care. The results of those initiatives can be seen across the country. In Texas, it’s new emergency departments and waiting rooms. In Tennessee, it’s new services and renovated patient floors and programs. Colorado soon will have a new, freestanding pediatric ED facility. Everywhere it’s bold, bright colors and a commitment to giving… Read more.

Mike's Hiking for Heroes

Honoring the Fallen

HCA puts its muscle behind Mike’s Hiking for Heroes When his military service ended, Mike Viti took a position at HCA, thanks to its strong veteran-recruitment program. However, his thoughts never strayed far from those still in combat, and the thousands of men and women who have given their lives during the Global War on Terror. So, along with several longtime friends from the United States Military Academy and active-duty service, many of whom also are HCA employees, he launched Mike’s Hiking for Heroes, a walk across the United States to honor every service member who has died during the… Read more.

cinematic inspiration

Timpanogos Regional Hospital Finds Cinematic Inspiration

After attending the Mountain Division Patient Experience Symposium earlier in 2014, members of the Patient Experience Team at Timpanogos Regional Hospital wanted to engage staff more effectively in improvement efforts. The idea of taking the division-wide effort and shrinking it down to hospital size was floated, and CNO Sandy Ewell said she would back it if the directors would pull together a team to bring the idea to life. David Haskell, Director of Cardiovascular Services, Brett Kay, Director of the ED, and Rob Hicks, RN, Nurse Practice Committee Chairperson, agreed to be team leaders and soon had all departments ready… Read more.

Sharing the Wealth

Division-wide gatherings bring patient-satisfaction strategies to the forefront Improving the patient experience isn’t just a catchphrase at HCA facilities. It’s the focus of every employee, and thanks to some comprehensive planning sessions, best practices are being shared across the entire company. The Mountain Division, for example, added a patient experience day to its annual January leadership meeting four years ago, says Rebecca Hunter, Vice President of Strategy and Planning, as well as Patient Experience Lead, for the division. “Earning the loyalty and preference of our patients remains our toughest challenge,” Hunter says. “As we begin each year we feel it… Read more.

Parallon Program Meets Nursing Shortage Challenge

StaRN provides, effective, efficient onboarding process for new HCA nurses A nationwide nursing shortage means that students are snapped up at graduation, if not before. This highly competitive market for specialty nurses is great for recent graduates, but it also means that hospitals are recruiting from a small pool of qualified nurses while little is being done to grow the pool itself. That often means newly graduated nurses may be underemployed because they face a “Catch-22”: They can’t get hired for specialty floors without experience, but they can’t gain specialty experience without getting hired. To help new graduate nurses gain… Read more.

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