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Listening, Learning and Evolving

HCA’s first Patient Experience Officer discusses her role in patient experience Lyn Ketelsen, HCA’s first-ever Patient Experience Officer, has a fairly simple mandate: create an environment where patients have an exceptional experience. But with literally hundreds of hospitals, physician’s offices, freestanding ERs and other facilities, coming up with a plan of action and executing it won’t be easy. Still, as a registered nurse of 30 years, and with more than a decade with the Studer Group, an organization that works with healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes, Ketelsen says she can see the issues at work from both administrative and… Read more.

The Frist Awards – Volunteer

Volunteer Recipient Juliana (Jan) D. Wilson Auxiliary Volunteer, Alaska Regional Hospital If an organization ever offers refreshments, Jan Wilson might tell you to check if there are any strings attached. After all, it was one of those innocuous tea parties that got her involved as a hospital volunteer – 33 years and more than 10,000 hours ago. “I had an invitation from a friend, and the auxiliary seemed like a nice group of people to be around, so I thought I’d volunteer a few hours,” says Wilson. “And it just kind of kept on going from there.” In 1982, Wilson… Read more.

The Frist Awards – Physician

Physician Recipient Dr. Jennifer Dow, FACEP, FAWM Alaska Regional Hospital Looking back, Dr. Jennifer Dow’s career path makes a lot of sense. An active childhood gave her a love of the outdoors. A love of skiing, plus her father’s influence, led to her involvement with the National Ski Patrol by the time she was 15 (the youngest age allowed). Seeing the occasional injured hiker led to an interest in medicine, and from her home in California to the Medical College of Wisconsin and York Hospital in Pennsylvania, she kept up with her ski patrol duties. Now, after 18 years at… Read more.

Excellence In Nursing Awards – Compassionate Care

Compassionate Care Recipient JoAnne Pryor, RN, BSN, CCRN West Florida Healthcare Compassion takes many forms, and it would seem that JoAnne Pryor has mastered all of them. As an ICU/CVICU staff/charge/preceptor nurse at West Florida Healthcare, Pryor spends her time working with patients and families at the end of their emotional rope. Knowing what to say when someone is angry or grief-stricken – or when to just sit and offer quiet comfort – is Pryor’s special gift, and it’s why she is often the person called upon when a patient is dying or has just passed away. When death comes,… Read more.

The Frist Awards – Employee

Employee Recipient Christy Allen, RN, BSN West Florida Healthcare Maybe it’s because she spends a lot of time on the move, but when Christy Allen met Daniel Merlin, she was drawn to his feet. As a cardiac care nurse, Allen spends her working hours in a fast-paced environment. On her own time, she hardly slows down, volunteering everywhere from children’s homes to rehabilitation centers and programs bringing camping experiences to urban youth. No group, or person, seems to escape her notice, and once she commits to help, she can be unstoppable, as Merlin found out. The two met outside a… Read more.

Excellence In Nursing Awards – Professional Mentoring

Professional Mentoring Recipient Barbara Edwards, MSN, RN, CNL, CMSRN Director of Nursing Clinical Outcomes, St. Lucie Medical Center To the casual observer, it might appear that Barbara Edwards has trouble setting boundaries. In fact, the phrase ‘outside my job’ seems entirely foreign to her. But at St. Lucie Medical Center, nobody’s complaining. In her more than two decades at the Port St. Lucie, Florida, hospital, Edwards has moved from a newly graduated RN to a charge nurse, clinical nurse leader and most recently the director of nursing clinical outcomes. Every step of the way, she has made mentoring a focus… Read more.

Bring Wisdom into the Workflow

Data evaluation and implementation create HCA’s learning healthcare system A patient in Denver logs in to an online portal to see her lab results. A nurse in Florida gets a smartphone alert that a patient is in the very early stages of deterioration and needs attention. A doctor is informed via computer that there has been a recent outbreak of Legionella pneumonia and that she should consider expanding the usual antibiotic coverage to include that more rare cause. An electronic report informs a Chief Medical Officer in Dallas there’s been a rise in readmissions, and it appears that improper medication… Read more.

Ebola Scare Showcases HCA’s Preparedness

The Ebola Virus went from being a “what if” discussion to a “now what” one when a patient was hospitalized at a non-HCA facility last fall in Texas. Local, national and even international reports analyzed everything from patient care, to infection prevention, to quarantine for care teams. Across town and around the country, teams throughout HCA already had researched these concerns exhaustively as they put plans into place to ensure patient safety and quality of care should a patient with Ebola, or any other highly infectious disease, seek care at an HCA facility. That’s no surprise. A vigorous response to… Read more.

Tomorrow’s Treatments Today

New Sarah Cannon research facility in Denver means latest treatment options are closer to home for patients Sarah Cannon Research Institute (SCRI), the research arm of Sarah Cannon, HCA’s global cancer enterprise, is one of the world’s leading clinical research organizations, conducting community-based clinical trials in oncology, cardiology and orthopedics through affiliations with a network of more than 1,000 physicians across the United States and United Kingdom. With a mission to advance therapies for patients in a community setting, SCRI has enabled thousands of patients each year to benefit from accessing clinical trials and promising new therapies closer to home.… Read more.

Change is Good

Atlas 2 system gets new home page, adding new and improved features At HCA, collaboration is key to success. That means people need to connect, whether they are separated by a couple of floors or a couple of states. For more than a decade, the Atlas 2 intranet has helped make that happen. And now, Atlas Connect is making these connections even easier. Atlas Connect, an overhaul to the Atlas system, launched on Feb. 24, and is available to all employees. Like its predecessor, the system will offer access to HR information and forms, as well as various modules where… Read more.

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