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Teachable moments

HCA expands its graduate medical education programs that train new physicians When healthcare industry experts look into the not-too-distant future, one disturbing trend stands out: There will not be enough doctors to meet demand. A physician shortage of up to 90,000, across all specialties, is projected for 2025. HCA is intensifying its efforts to alleviate that shortage by building up its Graduate Medical Education (GME) programs, where new doctors get the supervised, accredited training they need in order to be licensed to practice medicine. These programs include residencies, internships, fellowships and subspecialty training. “HCA has sponsored and participated in GME… Read more.

HCA Gives Back

HCA finds ways to give back to the community it serves — and beyond Providing outstanding patient care is what drives every HCA professional – and often, that care doesn’t stop at the hospital doors. From fundraisers to professional partnerships, HCA facilities are heavily engaged in the health and well-being of the communities they serve. What’s more, HCA as a company often engages with large-scale national, even international, efforts to provide emergency relief and more following disasters. And then there’s the HCA Hope Fund, which is funded by HCA employees to support their coworkers in need. Whether it’s the 5K… Read more.

Quality Conversations

Employee rounding improves communication, job satisfaction and patient care HCA’s annual employee engagement survey collects insights from employees about how they are feeling on a variety of issues. One area in particular the survey helps to measure is whether employees believe that their suggestions are being heard and acted upon. Because this input is so important, HCA is continually striving to implement improvements in the line of communication between employees and their supervisors. The latest example is a new employee rounding framework that will be deployed across the company in the coming months. “In the same way nurse leader rounding… Read more.

Working together, HCA can achieve new heights in patient care and satisfaction

by Milton Johnson, Chairman and CEO At HCA, quality patient care and improving the patient experience is at the core of everything we do. Because of our size, scope and expertise, we are uniquely positioned to lead the healthcare community in this regard, and we are doing just that. Even so, there is always room for improvement. We owe it to our patients and their families to provide an exemplary experience in every care setting. And, as I’ve visited caregivers across our organization, I’ve seen firsthand that there is a very deep desire to give our patients the best possible… Read more.

HCAHPS: What’s it mean to you?

Satisfaction scores show the way to improving the patient experience. Every day –throughout HCA facilities, conversations about improving patient satisfaction are happening. But what does that mean? What needs improving? And how is success measured and shared? The main way patient satisfaction is measured is through a survey some patients receive after they go home. It’s called the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems, or HCAHPS. The questions cover many aspects of the patient’s stay, from how well pain was managed to whether or not he or she was treated with courtesy and respect. Every aspect of a… Read more.

Creating the right environment

HCA ensures safe and environmentally sound facilities with help from HealthTrust HCA strives to choose the best products for the environment – all with the goal of providing excellent patient care. Being a part of HealthTrust allows us to do just that. HealthTrust, a group purchasing organization (GPO), offers solutions for total cost management across hospitals and affiliated healthcare facilities. As a founder and current member of HealthTrust, HCA is part of an organized process of identifying and selecting contracts with suppliers for clinically recommended products and services that can improve patient and employee safety as well as promote waste… Read more.

Study Aims to Stop SSIs

Groundbreaking research in HCA facilities leads to reduced post-op infections A recent collaboration between HCA and the University of Iowa has led to better, safer care for patients – and done so in record time. The Study To Optimally Prevent Surgical Site Infections in select cardiac and orthopedic procedures, or STOP-SSI, was conducted in 20 HCA hospitals. It focused on individuals who were undergoing cardiac or joint-replacement procedures, and put into place a series of advanced procedures designed to reduce the opportunity for infection to take root in their surgical sites, says Edward Septimus, MD, medical director of infection prevention… Read more.

Calling the shots

HCA’s flu-vaccine program keeps employees and patients healthy Seasonal influenza is dangerous for everyone. HCA sees thousands of patients every year who have been hit with the flu, and it can be fatal for children, the elderly and those with weakened immune systems. It’s also highly contagious, and so it can easily spread to anyone who comes in contact with the person who’s ill. Because the flu is so dangerous, HCA provides free flu shots to all employees. And it’s also why HCA requires all employees who interact with patients in any way to have a flu shot, or to… Read more.

Going Green for Good

HCA’s environmental policies produce efficiency and savings Environmental sustainability is an everyday focus at HCA. It’s always a great time to talk about recycling, renewable energy and other eco-friendly policies, and HCA is able to lead many of those conversations thanks to its longtime commitment to providing outstanding healthcare in the most sustainable fashion. “We actively pursue sustainability and cost savings in many operational areas, from new construction meeting environmental goals, to purchasing and recycling programs,” says Anna Ward, HCA’s sustainability manager. “We also focus on specific technologies, such as LED lighting and real-time energy metering. Our Sustainability Steering Committee… Read more.

London Calling

HCA’s healthcare network in the United Kingdom provides quality care and cutting-edge research “We have hospitals in the United Kingdom?” That’s the response of many HCA employees when they’re told about their counterparts across the Atlantic. They’re even more surprised when they find that the British hospitals, clinics and research facilities are well-known centers of cutting-edge care, and also play a role partnering with England’s National Health Service (NHS). “Several hospitals were bought by HCA in the 1990s, and then everything consolidated into what is now the International Division in 2000,” says Rebecca Pullen, corporate affairs director. “There are six… Read more.

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