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Dr Elissa Thompson Check Vitals

Walk This Way

Getting heart patients fitter, one step at a time When her patients say Dr. Elissa Thompson talks the talk and walks the walk, they’re not kidding. As a clinical cardiologist at Austin Heart, an HCA-employed physician group based in Austin, Texas, Dr. Thompson preaches fitness and exercise to all her patients. When she relocated to Marble Falls, Texas, from Washington, D.C. to practice medicine, she found there was a distinct lack of “get up and go” with many of the patients she treated. And with trails, tracks and sidewalks in which folks could safely walk in the community, she knew it wasn’t… Read more.

Tim McManus

Tim’s Take

Blog connects CEO to staff, community When he became the CEO of Chippenham & Johnston Willis Hospitals in June 2012, Tim McManus had plenty to do. Still, he thought it was important to introduce himself to the staff, as well as the community, and what better way than through “Tim’s Take,” a blog he’d begun in October 2011 when he helmed operations at Reston Hospital Center. “I blog once a week. It takes time, but I’m really faithful with it,” McManus says. “I keep it extremely topical, because if it comes off at all like it’s marketing, no one will… Read more.

Frist Award Recipients

Going Above and Beyond

Frist Humanitarian Award recipients demonstrate the power of doing good Every year, a few dozen HCA employees are tasked with an enormous challenge, but one they are eager to meet head-on. They are the group chosen to select the finalists and the recipients of the Frist Humanitarian Awards from those who already have been honored at the facility level. Members of the review committee always say that the hardest part is singling out just three from an amazing group of people who routinely go above and beyond what’s expected of them to make their communities better places. “Our employees spend… Read more.

Research College of Nursing

True to Life

Students learn by doing at the Research College of Nursing’s simulation center Imagine walking into your very first job as a nurse confident that you can handle anything. That’s the intent behind The Seelos Center at HCA-owned Research College of Nursing in Kansas City, Mo. With four hospital rooms, a nurses’ station and three exam rooms that are set up like a clinic or doctor’s office, the simulation center recreates a true working environment for nursing students. They encounter scenarios that require both clinical and communication skills. In addition to patients portrayed by actors who come in to play a… Read more.

Wesley Medical Center Child Life Specialist

Child’s Play

Specialists use fun approach to communicate with kids Being sick is never easy. You’re in the hospital, you’re having tests done, and you aren’t sure what’s going to happen next. Now imagine going through all of this as a five-year-old. Child life specialists at Wesley Medical Center are helping kids understand what is going on. Equal parts teacher, guide, and friend, child life specialists help kids connect the dots between what’s happening and why. “Our job is to help the child and the family to cope with the hospital experience,” says Melissa Ramirez, child life coordinator. “Whatever their diagnosis may… Read more.

Woman’s Hospital of Texas

Her Smile Says It All

The Woman’s Hospital team gives African girl life-changing surgery At only six years old, Hadiatu Jalloh endured pain that even the strongest adult would find unbearable. After a poorly performed female genital cutting procedure (a common cultural practice) in her native Guinea, the young girl developed complications including uncontrolled bleeding and a severe restriction of her ability to urinate. Her mother, Umu, knew something had to be done, so she began a walk that would carry them halfway around the world, to The Woman’s Hospital of Texas. First, Umu walked with her infant son on her back, and Hadiatu in… Read more.

Mummy Head 3D Scan

Mummy Dearest

Imaging center’s advanced technology unwraps centuries of secrets When the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts decided to take a peek under the wrappings that enshrouded Tjeby, a 4,000-year-old mummy that anchors its Egyptian collection, they knew that the high-tech equipment at Independence Park Imaging in Richmond could help. “We’ve had him since 1953, and actually had him scanned in 1986,” says Dr. Peter J. Schertz, the Jack and Mary Ann Frable Curator of Ancient Art at the museum. “But at that point the technology was pretty basic — sort of like a high-powered X-ray. Recently, we hosted an exhibition about… Read more.

LewisGale Transforms Teens’ Lives

Oftentimes, kids don’t want to appear too different from their peers for fear of being singled out as “uncool” or bringing unwanted attention to themselves. Two teenagers who arrived in the United States with conditions that severely affected their physical capabilities returned home recently as changed teens, and looking a lot more like their friends, thanks to LewisGale Regional Health System and the charitable care it provided.

Innovators Award Celebrates Employees’ Creativity

When HCA launched the Innovators Award in 2010, no one really had any idea what to expect. More than 2,000 entries later, it was clear that not only was there a great deal of interest throughout the company, but there were a lot of very creative people out there. “It was a robust group of ideas, and it was hard for winners to be chosen at the facilities, at the division level and then the finalists here at corporate,” said Jeff Prescott, Vice President of Communications Operations. “Everyone really rose to the challenge.” After a year off to retool the… Read more.

Water, Water Everywhere

Aquatic therapy is making a big splash As more people seek skilled rehabilitation following surgeries or medical events, aquatic therapy continues to rise in popularity. Many proponents say that’s because this type of therapy can work for a variety of patients. Age isn’t a factor, as water treatments are good for everyone from children to seniors, and physical limitations are aided by the water’s buoyancy. “We see a variety of patients with lower back pain to spinal cord injuries,” said Concetta Leach, MSPT, an outpatient physical therapist at Blake Medical Center in Bradenton, Fla. “The types of exercises are boundless… Read more.

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