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2015 Innovators Award Division Recipients

Financial Impact Appeal Deadline Date Edit, DeAnna Hartz, BPG OR CPT Tracker: Inpatient OR procedures for Inpatients Only, Jill Hartman, Corporate Strategies for Hip and Knee Patients for Early Mobilization, Tamara Speed, East Florida Division Pathology Box, Jack Simmerman, Gulf Coast Division Automated Journey Based Testing/QA Engineer Position, Philmore Browne, HealthTrust – Parallon Supply Chain Solutions Breaking Eggs = Big Savings for Nuclear Medicine Department, Mable Joyce, North Florida Division Give Nurses Time Back | Medical Surgical Communication Center – Call Center, Joseph Clark-Thrower, North Texas Division eRecon Balance Sheet Reconciliation, Leanne Rayo, PSG Rental Returns System, Julie Brawner, TriStar… Read more.

2015 Excellence in Nursing Award Division Recipients

Compassionate Care Debra Cannon, Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center, Capital Division Patrick McNicholas, Las Palmas Medical Center, Central West Texas Peyton Olden, Wesley Healthcare, Continental Division Yani Pascual, Mercy Hospital, East Florida Division Kathy Bush, Riverside Community Hospital, Far West Division Lori Runkle, Alaska Regional Hospital, Mountain Division Emily Zimmerman, Green Oaks Hospital, North Texas Division Florence Reed, Colleton Medical Center, South Atlantic Division Julie Freeman, Centennial, TriStar Division Diana Donnelly, Fawcett Memorial Hospital, West Florida Division Professional Mentorship Lindsey Baker, Frankfort Regional Medical Center, Capital Division Elizabeth Stanton, Rose Medical Center, Continental Division Linda Dhennin, Riverside Community Hospital, Far West… Read more.

2015 Frist Humanitarian Award Division Recipients

Physician Dr. Stacie Bush-Veith, Heart Hospital of Austin, Central West Texas Division Dr. Rabiya Suleman, Overland Park Regional Medical Center, MidAmerica Division Dr. Brandon J. Fisher, Ogden Regional Medical Center, Mountain Division Dr. Jason West, Denton Regional Medical Center, North Texas Division Dr. Kimberly Sudheimer, Trident Medical Center, South Atlantic Division Dr. Daniel Robitshek, Redmond Regional Medical Center, TriStar Division Dr. Rolando Rodriguez, Brandon Regional Hospital, West Florida Division Employee Diron Lane, LewisGale Hospital Montgomery, Capital Division Ramon Austria, St. David’s North Austin Medical Center, Central West Texas Division Telly DeBourts, Rose Medical Center, Continental Division Lisa Schaffer, MountainView Hospital,… Read more.

HCA Innovators Award: Financial Impact

Financial Impact Recipient: Joanne T. Orlando, RN, Mountain View Hospital, Las Vegas, NV When Joanne Orlando quotes Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, she’s not referencing a book. She’s spent time with the gentleman, and the lessons she learned are helping Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas offer better and more efficient care. “When I was managing a critical care unit, [Pauling] had a friend who was in the ICU,” recalls Orlando, now the director of clinical research at MountainView Hospital. “We spoke many times, and I will always remember him saying that inventions don’t come from something obscure or way out of… Read more.

HCA Innovators Award: Quality & Patient Safety

Quality & Patient Safety Recipient: Tricia Casler, RN, St. David’s South Austin Medical Center, TX Getting patients to take medication properly during a hospital stay can be difficult — after discharge, it can be almost impossible. This isn’t because the patients don’t want to comply, but rather because they can get lost in a sea of directions, timelines, contra-indicators and other prescription complexities. Enter the Mug Shot, a sticker that goes on a patient’s water bottle and uses simple language to outline the purpose and possible side effects of each medication. Since creating the program and rolling it out at St.… Read more.

HCA Innovators Award: Service Excellence

Service Excellence Recipients: Megan Gallegos, RN, Plaza Medical Center of Fort Worth Shawn Lewis, RN, Plaza Medical Center of Fort Worth Like a lot of good ideas, the concept of an ER concierge came at the end of a long day. Happily for patients at Plaza Medical Center of Fort Worth, the late hour didn’t get in the way of implementation. “We’d been helping out with a very full department, and when we came back to our office we picked up an earlier conversation about how we can help people find the role that allows them to be successful,” explains Megan Gallegos, director of… Read more.

Camera-Ready Care

Hospital ER doubles as set for country artist Chris Stapleton video shoot Film crew and emergency room personnel aren’t often in the same space, but when country music star Chris Stapleton used the TriStar Portland (TN) emergency room as back- drop for a video shoot, the worlds of entertainment and healthcare collided for just a little bit. Stapleton’s song “Fire Away” speaks to mental illness, and the video’s story arc follows a husband and wife’s journey as she harms herself and then is taken to the hospital, where she dies of her injuries. For the hospitalization part of the story, Stapleton… Read more.

Going for the Gold

Nurse and family pack in a hurry after daughter lands Olympic roster spot When Valerie Thrasher encouraged her daughter Ginny to compete in the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trails for Smallbore rifle shooting in April, she thought it would be good experience and prepare her for a shot at the 2020 Olympic team. Instead, Ginny outshot the field, placed first and made the U.S. team for the Rio Olympics, where she won Olympic gold on Aug. 6 in the Women’s 10-meter air rifle event, setting an Olympic record along the way. “We were looking at 2020 and thinking about a… Read more.

HCA Excellence in Nursing Award: Professional Mentoring

Professional Mentoring Recipient: Jim Kruger, RN, St. Lucie Medical Center, Port St. Lucie, FL There’s an old saying: “Lead, follow or get out of the way.” Jim Kruger can do all three. Kruger’s decades-long career at St. Lucie Medical Center has included stints as its emergency department director, where he oversaw a range of initiatives that included: improving patient throughput; improving patient satisfaction scores and rankings; and an emergency department residency program. Along the way, he also has served as a mentor for newly hired emergency department directors across HCA, as well as serving on the St. Lucie County EMS… Read more.

HCA Excellence in Nursing Award: Compassionate Care

Compassionate Care Recipient: Alison Marsh, RN, Centerpoint Medical Center, Independence, MO Providing emergency care can be emotionally draining, especially when the patients involved are children. Finding ways to bring mental and emotional healing alongside physical treatments takes a special kind of healthcare professional, and Alison Marsh exemplifies what it means to go above and beyond for her patients. Marsh is described as a compassionate advocate, skilled listener and dedicated caregiver, especially where children are involved. She sees a lot of them in Centerpoint Medical Center’s emergency department, where she has been on staff for five years, but one evening in the summer… Read more.

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