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Health Care of the Future: Interoperability

Today I had the honor of delivering the keynote speech at the Nashville Business Journal’s Health Care of the Future event at the Music City Center. It was a challenge to tackle this vast subject in just 15 minutes. Following is the text of my speech, which focuses on three of the many factors that define the future of healthcare, consumers, advanced data analytics and care coordination, and covers some of the exciting efforts underway at HCA. I hope you find it interesting. —- Thank you for the kind introduction. It’s a pleasure to be here with this esteemed group.… Read more.

Executive Perspective

Awards of Distinction showcase all of HCA’s talent. For the first time ever, HCA bestowed three major awards simultaneously at the Awards of Distinction ceremony in May. This meant that winners of the Frist Humanitarian Awards, which have been awarded since the early 1970s, shared the spotlight with the Excellence in Nursing Award and Innovators Award recipients, two more recent recognition programs that round out the trio. I was struck by the sheer volume of talent represented by the winners and runners-up for each award, knowing that hundreds more remarkable people were honored at both the division and facility levels. The… Read more.

Executive Perspective

Keeping score helps HCA find new and innovative ways to improve patient care When someone says they want to “know the score,” that usually means getting information about the situation at hand. That’s certainly true in healthcare, where HCAHPS scores tell a hospital what its patients think of the care they received. These results do everything from offering a look at how effectively we are providing care to setting reimbursement rates, so they are hugely important. That’s why HCA invests a great deal of time and resources into getting this information into the hands of clinicians and caretakers. Nobody knows… Read more.

Executive Perspective

Providing outstanding patient care is what we do every day at HCA – but some of our methods are more visible than others. In this issue of YOU magazine, we wanted to pull the curtain back on some of our behind-the-scenes initiatives. As an extension of our mission to care for and improve human life, one of our most important goals is to continually work to enhance our patients’ care and experience. Across HCA, our facilities have developed a wide variety of patient navigation strategies to help us achieve this goal. From Sarah Cannon’s nurse navigators who guide cancer patients… Read more.

Executive Perspective

Recognizing and supporting our people There are many factors that contribute to HCA’s leadership position in healthcare, but one of the most important will always be our people. We see the impact of personal interactions in every part of our organization, from gracious volunteers greeting guests in our hospital lobbies, to talented clinicians and staff in every department, and the skilled physicians and nurses at the bedside. It’s what makes our facilities attractive for our patients and great places to work; and, why improving the patient experience is always our collective goal. This compassion is what brings many to a… Read more.

Executive Perspective

The purpose of HCA is simple: to give our patients the care they deserve, which is patient care that is safe, high quality, compassionate, efficient and convenient. At HCA, we not only want to make our patients well, we want them to be extremely pleased with their overall experience at our facilities. In many cases, to meet the expectations of our patients, we must provide greater convenience by offering multiple facilities in the communities we serve. Simply put, we must take our services to our patients, who often want, and need, care closer to home. HCA operates in many different… Read more.

Looking Across HCA

As we look across HCA, what internally focused program best represents the spirit of our company’s mission and values? The HCA Hope Fund just might top the list. The Hope Fund exemplifies our culture at HCA, and is a great example of why this is such a great place to work. It gives us a chance to make a difference in the lives of fellow HCA employees in a direct way — providing assistance when and where it’s needed most. Many of us may associate the Hope Fund with “disaster relief” or in connection with events such as hurricanes or… Read more.

Technology & You

This edition of YOU magazine features several technology initiatives that have the potential to improve how we deliver care and, ultimately, the patient experience in the coming months and years. Technology has long been a critical part of the healthcare infrastructure, especially in clinical applications. But with today’s explosion of mobile apps, social media and online information, both hardware and software are changing our lives constantly. We connect with friends and relatives on mobile phones, we get much of our news online, we shop on websites and increasingly we judge the quality of our experiences by how mobile-friendly they are.… Read more.

Executive Perspective

After more than 24 years with HCA, I had the great privilege recently to be appointed chief financial officer for the company. I have spent practically my entire career at various levels with the company and I must say it’s a humbling experience to have this opportunity. I am also very excited by the prospect of the transformation we see coming for all of us who work in this profession. Current trends point to big changes for the future, and we have the chance to help shape some of that future because of the many contributions the people of HCA… Read more.

Thomas F Frist Jr HCA

Celebrating Our Culture of Caring

The Frist Humanitarian Awards hold a very dear place in my heart. Initiated in 1971 by my father, Dr. Thomas F. Frist, Sr., the Awards honor employees, volunteers and physicians who personify the values upon which our Company was founded. Each year when I attend the Celebration of Giving ceremony where we recognize the national Frist Humanitarian Award recipi- ents, I am reminded how universal and enduring these values are. These attributes are the glue that binds us together, the common threads that are interwoven throughout the fabric of this great Company of ours. This something special is, as our… Read more.

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