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Trauma Strong: A Story of Survival

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), an estimated 33,000 people are killed by guns and nearly 79,000 people survive gunshots each year in the United States. Paul Smith, a then 17-year-old from Las Vegas, Nevada, was one of the lucky ones. The high school football player was enjoying a typical teenaged day when he was robbed, shot at close range and left for dead last summer. The traumatizing event brought him to Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center, an HCA affiliate, where the care team performed life-saving surgery within what’s known as the “golden hour” – the time period… Read more.

Officer Down! Trident Medical Center’s Trauma Team Saves a Life

Dr. Stancie Rhodes had just completed an operation on a stab victim when she received word that a local sheriff’s deputy had suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was en route to the hospital. It was after midnight when the alert was issued and the team – Dr. Rhodes, the emergency department physician, three trauma nurses, radiology, operating room, blood bank, and respiratory therapy attendants – quickly assembled and waited for the officer to come through the trauma bay doors. This may sound like an episode of a hit medical television drama, but it’s not. It’s real life; and the new… Read more.

Avoid a Scary Visit to the ER with 7 Tips for Safe Trick-or-Treating

Trick-or-treating is a time-honored Halloween tradition for many people in the United States and abroad. And tonight, hundreds of children will take to the streets, ringing doorbells and looking for something sweet to eat. But before your ghosts, ghouls and goblins head out the door, Dr. Mickey Bansal, medical director for pediatric emergency medicine at HCA-affiliated Coliseum Medical Centers and Coliseum Northside Hospital, has a few tips to keep your little one safe and injury free. “We see a lot of orthopedic injuries in the ER after Halloween festivities,” Dr. Bansal said. “The most common are ankle and wrist sprains,… Read more.

Don’t “Pokémon Go” to the Hospital: Follow 7 Tips to Stay Safe & ER-Free

As Pokémon Go fever continues to spread across the country, trainers of all ages are out in force trying to catch ‘em all. One thing you don’t want to catch, however, is an unnecessary trip to the ER. As you or your child immerse yourself in the world of Pokémon Go, where you are able to capture, train and battle your Pokémon against other players at gyms, don’t forget you’re in the real world too! You may have heard of the multitude of accidents and injuries that have happened because of the Pokémon Go craze and we at HCA want… Read more.

Love, Skill and a “Christmas Miracle” Helped Save Baby’s Life at Rapides Regional Medical Center

As a registered nurse and the emergency room director for Rapides Regional Medical Center, I’ve experienced my fair share of near catastrophes. Last Wednesday was no different. A nine-month old was rushed to our ER with a life-threatening condition. What I witnessed next was a mother’s love, a medical staff’s skill and a “Christmas Miracle.” It was the usual, busy day in the ER. I was rounding with patients and staff when an announcement was made that a critical patient was en route and would arrive in five minutes. During that time, we learned a little boy was choking and… Read more.

Doctor’s Note: Thanksgiving Travel Safety Tips from TriStar Centennial’s ER

If your Thanksgiving holiday traditions include a family feast, football and Black Friday, you’re in good company. Many American families will celebrate the upcoming holiday by participating in one or more of those annual rituals, while also reflecting on the blessings of 2015. As an emergency medicine physician with HCA’s TriStar Health, I hope that you enjoy your holiday traditions, whatever they may be, without incident or a trip to the ER. Thanksgiving holiday is the busiest travel period of the year with millions of Americans traveling to their holiday destination by car.  According to the Centers for Disease Control,… Read more.

Pediatric Emergency Room at Oak Hill Hospital

Children are frequent patients at emergency rooms, and once there, they usually have to deal with adult-sized issues. Not so at Oak Hill Hospital, which opened the first dedicated pediatric emergency room in Citrus and Hernando counties last October.

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