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Menorah Medical Center Serves Up Dining On Call

Overland Park, KS If you’re looking for pudding in a cup at Menorah Medical Center, you’re out of luck. And the same goes for lumpy mashed potatoes, canned fruit and other hospital food of yore. Thanks to Dining On Call, the hospital’s innovative food choice and delivery program, patients customize their meals from many different options, all of which have been vetted by dieticians to meet specific nutritional needs. They also get to order it when they want, rather than having to wait for a set delivery time, said Steve Achord, Food and Nutrition Services Director. “The patients really like… Read more.

Northeast ER Expands North Suburban’s Denver Presence

Thornton, CO With its new Northeast freestanding emergency department, North Suburban Medical Center has greatly expanded access for residents in the Thornton area. The 10,000-square-foot facility operates like a hospital-based emergency room (ER), handling everything from minor injuries to more severe issues such as stroke or heart attack. It is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Prior to its opening, the nearest ER was seven miles away. Now there is much better access to urgent care for North Denver residents, said Jennifer Alderfer, Chief Executive Officer of North Suburban. “The 10,000-square-foot facility has a dedicated trauma… Read more.

HealthTrust Exec’s Diagnosis Inspires Book

Nashville, TN Fred Keller didn’t identify himself as an author a few years ago. Indeed, writing a book was the furthest thing from his mind. As Vice President of Contracting for HealthTrust, he was more concerned with the ins and outs of keeping a successful HCA subsidiary going. And then, in the summer of 2009, he received the diagnosis that would change his life. “When I found out that I had multiple sclerosis (MS), I didn’t immediately think I would write a book,” Keller said. “It’s a very complex disease, and I had a lot to learn. While there was… Read more.

Lighting, Security Upgrades Continue

Improving safety and security for patients and employees is an HCA priority. To that end, work to install new equipment and update technology at hospitals throughout the company continues as part of a multi-year project. “Thirty of the 50 facilities we have identified as high-risk are currently in some type of construction phase. It is our intention to finish up the high-risk locations by 2013, if not sooner, and in the meantime we are evaluating and surveying the facilities that were identified as medium risk, so that we can begin work on those,” said Tim Portale, Chief Safety & Security… Read more.

Candid Cameras

HCA and H2U Partner for New Health Coaching Program When trying to make healthy lifestyle changes, getting started and maintaining can be very hard. Receiving support from others can make the difference between success and failure. That’s why the HCA Wellness Program is introducing the H2U Health Coaching Program this year. Eligible HCA-affiliated employees who are facing certain health challenges will have the opportunity to connect one-on-one with a personal health coach through videoconferencing. How can you participate? Complete a qualified health screening by Nov. 30, 2012: Log in to and click on Schedule a Health Screening to make… Read more.

Welcome to BConnected

Introducing A New Way To Access Your Benefits As of Aug. 1, BConnected replaced LifeTimes Connections as the service provider for HCA’s Health & Group benefits and 401(k) Plan. What does that mean for you? The good news is that there are no changes to your benefit plan options or providers, and there are no changes to your HCA 401(k) Plan account contributions or investment options. But, changing to BConnected does allow HCA to offer better services. For example, you will have just one password to access your benefits account online or by phone. That’s right, just one password to… Read more.

Back To School

hCare University Provides Boost To Clinical Services EHR Efforts Sometimes you learn things in a staff meeting that aren’t on the agenda. That was definitely the case at a Clinical Services Group gathering in early 2011. “We were talking about Meaningful Use, and our Electronic Health Records (EHR) strategy across the company,” said Mary Mirabelli, Vice President and Chief Project Officer of the Clinical Services Group (CSG). “We had a lot of work to do to ensure that we could convert the last vestiges of our patient records that needed to be electronic. We had been about 65 percent electronic… Read more.

Curlee Reaches One-Year Milestone

In the year since she wrapped up her “Biggest Loser” appearance, Hannah Curlee has been a one-woman fitness revolution for HCA hospitals, thanks to her role as Director of Health Engagement with H2U. She has traveled the country, speaking to employees about the benefits of diet and exercise. YOU caught up with her during a short stop in Nashville: On her one-year anniversary: Maintaining my weight is the accomplishment of which I am most proud. I spend almost 90 percent of my time on the road, so when it comes to food advanced planning has been an important part of… Read more.

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