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HCA Heroes: Mission Accomplished for Los Robles Medical Mountain Team in Honduras

Having a heart for service is doing more than just talking the talk – at HCA’s Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center, it’s walking the walk. And for the third time, a team of physicians, nurses and clinical technicians volunteered to serve impoverished areas in Honduras by providing access to medical care. They are the Los Robles Medical Mountain Team. Dr. Ed Chambers, a Los Robles pediatrician, checked a medical mission trip off of his “bucket list” five years ago, and has since recruited many of his colleagues to get involved. Now, the Los Robles Medical Mountain team is comprised… Read more.

HCA Heroes: Cartersville Medical Center’s Care in the Air

Some heroes wear white coats, not capes. Anyone who has ever received emergency medical care from a doctor will likely say the same. And shy away from the “hero” label they may try, but the actions of two doctors from HCA’s Cartersville Medical Center (CMC) were just that – heroic. Dr. Carlo Oller, an emergency physician and medical director for Cartersville Medical’s ER, and Dr. Ankit Patel, an interventional cardiologist also on staff at CMC, provided life-saving, emergency care to strangers in need on two separate flights earlier this year. The two physicians – both humble and courageous – proved… Read more.

HCA Heroes: Sasha Pickett Gives Girls a Boost in IT

“You can’t be what you can’t see.” So, Sasha Pickett, manager of digital services for HCA’s Information Technology and Services (IT&S), launched a local movement to diversify, and ultimately, change the face of technology. In 2013, with the green light from HCA’s Chief Information Officer Marty Paslick, she founded IT Girls – a mentoring program that pairs women in technology at our Nashville-based headquarters with young ladies at John Overton High School. The three-year effort to raise girls’ awareness of career opportunities in technology has led to nearly 500 budding female techies in Middle Tennessee. And Pickett – the force… Read more.

HCA Heroes – Dr. Cynthia Chandler Promotes Healing with Paws 4 Patients

A trip to the hospital can be a stressful time for some patients, families and visitors. Luckily, Dr. Cynthia Chandler, a volunteer at our Medical Center of Lewisville, has the cure – a four-legged, furry and freckled face Cocker Spaniel named Jesse. Dr. Chandler’s passion for animal assisted therapy led her and Jesse to our Lewisville facility in the fall of 2013. Realizing the healing potential of animals, she helped start the Paws 4 Patients program and has touched the lives of 316 patients, nearly 400 hospital visitors and approxmately 881 staff members in just two years. The health benefits… Read more.

HCA Heroes – Veteran Roque Rodriguez-Urena Uses Exercise & Community to Cope with PTSD

Roque Rodriguez-Urena works at Trident Medical Center in Charleston, S.C. It’s a far cry from his days serving in the U.S. Air Force during the height of the War in Iraq in the early 2000’s. Roque was Shiftleader of Emergency Services while stationed in Iraq and in this episode of HCA Heroes, he shares openly about the impact that serving in a war zone had on him. About one in three returning troops are diagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD). There are a number of ways to treat PTSD and as you’ll see in the video below, Roque has found… Read more.

HCA Heroes – Abraham Rothman Provides Heart Care to Kids in Need

Abraham Rothman is a pediactric cardiologist and works with Sunrise Children’s Hospital in Las Vegas, NV. He’s passionate about providing care to children with heart disease all over the world and makes regular trips with charity organizations to parts of the world where children have no access to the type of care Dr. Rothman provides. Oftentimes, on these trips, Sunrise Children’s will donate supplies and staff to help and have even brought children from third world countries back to the hospital to perform surgeries free of charge.

HCA Heroes – 15 Year Old Amputee Completes Triathlon; with DJ Rish

DJ Rish never imagined that a routine van ride would change his life forever. On his way home from a Boy Scout trip, DJ was involved in a near fatal accident. He suffered second and third degree burns over 60% of his body, a vertebral and right hip fracture, and an amputated left leg. DJ spent five weeks at the burn center at Doctors Hospital in Augusta working with Dr. Richard Cardie and his team.

HCA Heroes: New Mom Sees Her Baby for the First Time Via iPhone – with Heidi King

What would you do if you were unable to see your baby for the first 48 hours after he was born? That was where Heidi King found herself after complications during delivery put both mom and baby in danger. But thanks to the team at TriStar Summit, this story has a happy ending and also illustrates how technology can play a role in the healing process. Get your tissues for this one.

Bob Whitford HCA Hero

Heroes Among Us

HCA Today web site showcases the human side of HCA You needn’t go far to find inspiration at your HCA facility. Just look around you. A series of videos featuring your colleagues is currently posted on HCA Today (www. There you will find true stories about amazing people, barriers overcome and unmatched compassion for others. These are must-see testimonials for inspiration and motivation. “Last year, we began looking at our site to see what was getting the most attention, and found that the most visits were to stories on our blog which featured [real stories] from real people,” says… Read more.

HCA Heroes – Bob Whitford Shows Patients that Nothing is Out of Reach

Bob Whitford is a Sr Occupational Therapist at St. David’s Medical Center in Austin TX. He works primarily with patients who have been impacted by limb loss and walks with them through the challenging rehabilitation process. Bob is also an amputee.

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