2015 Excellence in Nursing Award Division Recipients

Compassionate Care

Debra Cannon, Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center, Capital Division

Patrick McNicholas, Las Palmas Medical Center, Central West Texas

Peyton Olden, Wesley Healthcare, Continental Division

Yani Pascual, Mercy Hospital, East Florida Division

Kathy Bush, Riverside Community Hospital, Far West Division

Lori Runkle, Alaska Regional Hospital, Mountain Division

Emily Zimmerman, Green Oaks Hospital, North Texas Division

Florence Reed, Colleton Medical Center, South Atlantic Division

Julie Freeman, Centennial, TriStar Division

Diana Donnelly, Fawcett Memorial Hospital, West Florida Division

Professional Mentorship

Lindsey Baker, Frankfort Regional Medical Center, Capital Division

Elizabeth Stanton, Rose Medical Center, Continental Division

Linda Dhennin, Riverside Community Hospital, Far West Division

Beena Johnson, Rio Grande Regional Hospital, Gulf Coast

Dorothea Flaherty, Rapides Regional Medical Center, MidAmerica Division

Victor Smith, North Florida Regional Medical Center, North Florida Division

Rosalinda Morante, Memorial Hospital Jacksonville, South Atlantic Division

Albert Menard, III, Parkridge Medical Center, TriStar Division

Bonnie Ziai, Fawcett Memorial Hospital, West Florida Division

Behind the scenes at the Awards of Distinction

peytonhoge-photos-024HCA Excellence In Nursing Award Professional Mentoring recipient Jim Kruger, right, offered lots of advice on how to help nurses grow in the profession.

peytonhoge-photos-015_1HCA Innovators Award service excellence recipients Megan Gallegos, second from left, and Shawn Lewis, right, shared their award-winning insights with Joanne Pulles, vice president, community relations.

peytonhoge-photos-063Chief nursing informatics officer Annabaker Garber, center, was eager to share information with the HCA Innovators Award and other winners.

0k5a5422-sqThe Awards of Distinction are a showcase of the remarkable people who drive HCA’s excellent care and world-class patient experience.

peytonhoge-photos-120HCA Innovators Award Financial Impact recipient Joanne Orlando talks data mining.

0k5a5396From left: Tricia Casler, Joanne Orlando, Dr. Thomas Frist, Jr., Shawn Lewis and Megan Gallegos

peytonhoge-photos-051CEO Milton Johnson and HCA Innovators Award  Quality & Patient Safety recipient Tricia Casler shared thoughts on improving care.