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Preemie PJ Project for Triplets’ 10th Birthday Brings Hope, Love to the NICU

Graduation season is upon us, and at Overland Park Regional Medical Center, their graduates’ journies are different than most. Once preemie patients in the hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), alumni and their families exit those hospital doors with renewed hope for the future. But how would one celebrate their 10-year graduation from the NICU? For triplets Luke, Taya and Brady Swarts, that’s simple – bring gifts to the current students. The former NICU grads of the HCA-affiliated Kansas hospital recently returned to celebrate their 10th birthday, and in rare pre-teen fashion, requested gifts for their kindred spirits in the NICU… Read more.

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Donate Life: Laura’s Story

A few small scars. Those are the only physical reminders Laura Sammon-Linton, a human resources assistant at HCA-affiliate Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point, sees to remind her of the life-saving gift she shared with a family member. A few small scars, and a healthy sister. At an early age, Laura’s younger sister, Tinamarie, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes – a condition, their mother, a registered nurse and diabetes educator, explained would likely require a kidney transplant in the future. Thirty years later, their mother’s prediction came true. “My sister was frightened and devastated,” Laura said. “I told her not… Read more.

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Earth Day: Start Small – Recycle!

At HCA-affiliate Specialty Hospital, our guiding principle is primum non nocere – a Latin phrase that means, “first, do no harm.” This code applies to our patient care, commitment to community, employee wellbeing, and in this case, our environment. And, at Specialty, we believe every day is Earth Day! We are a two-time (2014-15) winner of the Practice Greenhealth, the nation’s leading membership organization for healthcare institutions committed to eco-friendly practices, Partner of Change Award due, in large part, to our creation of a single-system recycling program. So, what does that mean, exactly? It means gone are the days of… Read more.

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Caring for the Community: From Hopeless to Hopeful – Rob Horton Grows a Garden

  “It was all a dream…” Rob Horton – a member of the HCA family by day and Belmont University Healthcare MBA program by night – is also a full-time dream chaser and community do-gooder whose vision to help Nashville residents sustain a better, healthier lifestyle resulted in his “grow your own” urban farming initiative called the Trap Garden. Horton, who works in HCA’s Clinical Services Group, founded the community garden after realizing the need for and limited access to fresh fruit, vegetables and healthy snack options in low-income neighborhoods in Nashville. It’s what’s considered a “food desert,” Horton says,… Read more.

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Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children Performs Life-Saving Surgery on Unborn Twins

In collaboration with HealthONE Center for Maternal Fetal Health, Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children (RMHC) made headlines last month for giving a pair of twins a chance at life before they were even born. For the first-time ever, pediatric surgeons at the HCA-affiliated hospital performed a rare fetal procedure for one of the most dangerous conditions you’ve likely never heard of – Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS). Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome is an unpredictable condition that affects identical twins who share the same placenta.  TTTS happens when abnormal blood vessels within the placenta cause an imbalance of blood… Read more.


Chris Stapleton Taps TriStar Portland ER for Music Video Role Spotlighting Mental Health

Country music artist Chris Stapleton’s debut solo album earned him bona fide superstar status complete with Grammys, Country Music Award (CMA) honors and, last Sunday, a slew of trophies from the Academy of Country Music (ACM). And now, with his recently released song, “Fire Away”, the triple threat – singer, songwriter and producer – is lending his celebrity to shine a light on a disorder that disables millions of Americans – mental illness. And HCA’s TriStar Portland Emergency Room was there to help. The reality is, mental illness is real – and has been a topic of taboo for far too… Read more.

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Sarah Cannon, HCA Midwest Health Announce Cancer Research Collaboration

Last week, Sarah Cannon, our global cancer institute, and HCA Midwest Health, Kansas City’s largest healthcare network, announced that they expanded their cancer collaboration through clinical research. By joining a global research network, HCA Midwest Health is now offering greater access to clinical trials for those facing cancer in the Kansas City region. “Clinical trials are an integral part of advancing the standard of cancer care, as today’s trials are tomorrow’s cutting-edge treatments,” said Dr. Howard A. “Skip” Burris, III, president of clinical operations and chief medical officer at Sarah Cannon. “By expanding our collaboration, we can provide patients in… Read more.

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Nurse Hailed as Hero after Compassionate Act in Couple’s Final Hours

There are many words used to describe a nurse – A caretaker. An advocate. An educator. And in one family’s case – a hero. Registered nurse Melissa Barajas saw art imitating life, ala “The Notebook”, earlier this year when a married couple died within hours of each other at HCA-affiliate Clear Lake Regional Medical Center. The Texas natives, Edward and Josephine Suarez, had been married for 68 years before a car accident sent them to our Bay Area Houston hospital in critical condition. For roughly four days, Melissa, an ICU nurse, cared for Josephine and provided comfort and support for… Read more.


Happy Doctors’ Day

March 30 is National Doctors’ Day. It’s a day set aside to recognize the unique contributions of physicians around the world. As one of the leading providers of healthcare services in the United States, HCA recognizes the extraordinary efforts of all of its doctors today and every day. Collectively, HCA doctors provide high-quality, compassionate care for millions of patients across the nation and in the United Kingdom. Members of our Physician Services Group consistently put patients first and make a positive impact in the communities they serve. Through their eyes, see their perspective on being a doctor on this Doctors’… Read more.

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Honoring HCA’s Certified Nurses Past, Present and Future

Nurses are a unique brand of people. They represent the very best qualities in health services – patience, compassion, quality care, and chief among them, skill. As the chief nursing executive at HCA, I’m proud of the many faces of nursing throughout our organization and the excellent patient care they provide daily. On today, we recognize the unique talent and skillset of HCA’s board certified nurses – it’s Certified Nurses Day! HCA certified nurses are those among us who have gone above and beyond to advance their knowledge, practice and skill in an area of specialization. In 2015, we had… Read more.

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